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Pushing Product is Antiquated


What Your Marketing Consultants Should Be Telling You About Attracting Visitors

– One of the greatest challenges for every business is aligning your website goals with company revenue goals. In fact, you may be looking for qualified marketing consultants to help your website attract more visitors. ?Good for you, but most consultants start at the wrong place…

  • “Pushing Product” is antiquated.
  • Customers have needs.
  • They also dictate impressions.

Your website must attract those customers by providing easy access to the information they desire and the answers to the questions they have.

You must learn to practice Attractive Marketing.

Laws of Online Attraction
“Like Attracts Like”

Building a website that attracts requires marketing consultants with a holistic approach. Connecting the dots between Attraction and Conversion provides a success metric from which you can gauge results. Your website’s search engine attraction factor is critical to reaching the right prospects.

Your website is the engine of your Inbound Marketing Conversion Machine. So it must be built to attract. The content on your site must connect with consumer.

The bonding agents are many:

  • SEO
  • Paid Search
  • Social media
  • Referral Marketing
  • Traditional Media & Events

These attraction arms act as magnets for prospects because your are delivering information to the right person at the right place in the purchase funnel and you’re delivering it at the right time. That’s 3-D marketing that is also Attractive Marketing.

Is Your Website Making the Grade?

One of the first steps in building a website that attracts is to work with marketing consultants to evaluate your?website’s strengths and weaknesses. You can begin this process with a free diagnostic Website Grader?or free Inbound Marketing Assessment. After we complete the Website Grader report, a?Marketing Matters Inbound Marketing Consultant?can help you review your report and identify the key findings.

The website grader can help you identify your website?s gaps at the top, middle and bottom of the purchase funnel. Usually we find big gaps in the middle of the funnel. Also, it may be too simple of a tool for complex websites.
Website Grader is the first step in identifying the hurdles preventing you from designing a website built on a foundation of attraction.

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How High Is Your Digital IQ?


How High is Your
Digital I.Q.?

The Website Grader is a basic tool that your?Marketing Consultants can use to give you new insights into your company website. ?To build on Attraction, we must first determine your organization’s Inbound I.Q. Your Inbound I.Q. includes your:

  • Website goals
  • Current inbound marketing efforts
  • SEO keyword strategy
  • Search engine marketing strategy
  • Efforts to re-market past website visitors
  • Current rate of conversion

The Einstein Inbound Marketing Assessment is a proprietary marketing solution that is designed to accurately identify your website?s attraction factor.

Marketing Consultants can use the Einstein Assessment to provide a holistic review of your website related inbound marketing activities. It’s a deeper look at your website?s architecture and your Inbound Marketing efforts.

SEM and SEO must work in tandem with your website to attract new, Qualified and Engaged Visitors. Engaged Visitors are interacting because they have chosen to. That’s why engaged Visitors are more likely to become loyal Customers. Because you’ve connect a consumer with the content they sought an at the level they were seeking, you are now practicing Attractive Marketing.

“Like Attracts Like.”

Contact?the Marketing Consultants at?Marketing Matters Inbound?if you’re interested in learning more about building a website that attracts.

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