Marketing Consultants: How to Build a Website that Nurtures

Do Your Marketing Consultants Understand Nurturing?

– Our previous article discussed the importance of working with qualified Inbound Marketing Consultants to build a website based on Attraction. Upon attracting Visitors to your site, the consumption of information should create a natural migration toward a purchase.

We choose to achieve this by nurturing rather than forcing.

A nurturing website leads your prospects on a carefully planned and intentional path through your website, from the first landing page to final purchase and re-purchase. This path is defined by the needs of the Visitor.

Your conversion path must, therefore, always have well-defined beginning and end points. The journey in between may be dynamic, but effective conversion requires a known beginning and end. ?How else would we measure?

A nurturing site produces a natural progression down the purchase funnel 2 ways:

1).?Content Strategy
2).?Call-to-Action Maps

Does Your Site Nurture or Neglect?

Attractive, nurturing website grows Customers from Visitors and Leads. By providing content fuel that either leads to a solutions or is the solution, your website engine purrs on. The results are higher yield ?per Visitor and per Customer. That’s online return on the investment.

The opposite of nurturing is neglect. Most websites neglect the needs of their Visitor. Prospects wither and die, bouncing off your website and out of your sales funnel. On to a more satisfying site…your competitor’s.

Inbound Marketing Consultants can demonstrate the importance of Content Strategy as it relates to your Conversion Machine.

Are you nurturing or neglecting your website visitors?

marketing consultants

3D Content

Feed Your Prospects with 3-D Content

The best content for feeding your prospects is content that goes beyond flat and boring and delivers information in engaging, 3-D. 3-D content is readily and enthusiastically consumed by your website visitors because the information is relevant, contextual and timely.

3-D Content, whether written or video, addresses the needs of the consumer because it:

  • Targets according to buyer personas
  • Focuses on the customer benefits provided by your products and services
  • Delivers the right message with the right timing in the purchase cycle

Include Four E Vitamins

Part of a 3-D Content Strategy, a nurturing website needs to provide great content that?s organized to properly meet the four Es. This creates consumer conversations.

By nurturing the customer via a CTA Map,we are able to cause conversions. Inbound Marketing Consultants can help you develop content that:

marketing consultants

Four E Vitamins

  1. Educates Visitors about your company, products and services (Research)
  2. Engages Visitors to keep them involved and interacting with your site (Shopping)
  3. Encourages Visitors through the purchasing stages (Buy)
  4. Embraces Visitors after the sale (Re-purchase/Loyalty)

Offer interesting, engaging Content to each of the corresponding phase of the buying cycle: research, shopping, purchase, and re-purchase. The language and content style may change based on target personas (as it should), but all consumers go through this purchase cycle.

Make sure your Content addresses each level.

Additional Nutritional Requirements

Without engaging content that ?speaks? to your prospects, your prospects abandon your website within seconds. An Inbound Content Strategy that meets your prospects? nutritional requirements will naturally lead your website visitors towards a purchase or conversion.

You may want to enlist the help of Marketing Consultants to develop and implement a nurturing Inbound Content Strategy that includes:

  • A 3-D Content Strategy that is targeted, and readily consumed by your visitors.
  • Content Gap Analysis that identifies where you prospects are being neglected and left without nurturing content.
  • Complete Customer Personas that provide a clear picture of the needs and habits of your best prospects.
  • Product Pyramid Conversion Maps which prioritize product focus and organize content to organically nurture your prospects to purchase.
  • Search Engine Optimization recommendations to maximize on additional opportunities to reach new, qualified prospects.

You can get serious about your digital and Inbound Marketing efforts with?Einstein Inbound Marketing Assessment.

At Marketing Matters Inbound, our Marketing Consultants can help you focus your website around strategies that produce solutions.?Contact?your Inbound Marketing Consultants today and begin developing a website content strategy that successfully nurtures and converts your traffic.

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