Marketing Objectives: Attracting Website Visitors

Top Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Site

Marketing Objectives | Attract Visitors-Chances are if you truly believe in your product or services, ?one of your main marketing objectives is to get others to purchase and also be as inspired about your products as you. From an online marketing perspective, the first step to achieve this marketing objective is getting your message out and attracting those buyers and brand promoters to your website.

Attract high-quality visitors to achieve marketing objectives:

    • Keywords: picking out keywords is a must for any website. However, if you are in a highly competitive product or service category, keywords might be harder to rank for. Try going after long-tail keywords. You might not generate as much traffic for those long-tail keywords, but the conversion rate is much higher for the traffic you will receive. It is also an excellent way to start building some small recurring traffic who you can engage directly.


    • Blog: Start a business blog. This is one of the easiest ways to get your message across. Take time to churn out articles on a regular basis and you will start to see results. Remember, don?t give up on blogging, the longer you blog the more authority you build up. Soon enough, you will start to rank for keywords. When tackling your online marketing objectives, it?s all about longevity.


    • Landing Pages: When creating a landing page, optimize your meta title, description and keywords. If all are done correctly in conjunction with the keyword, you will begin to rank quickly. Use a keyword tool, like YOAST, on your pages. It allows you to see the parts of your page that need to be better optimized for SEO purposes before publishing content.


    • Links: Ask partners, satisfied customers, press, even your friends to embed hyperlinked keywords back to your site for the terms you are targeting. If just one referring site has a high page rank, you should see a rank increase within two months of being published.


    • Content: Dynamic content should be present on both landing pages and blog posts. When you produce content, ask yourself if you would share it on your own personal social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter). If you wouldn?t, then it is a good idea to revisit your content strategy. Also keep in mind, good content can be used as references from your visitors and the media; this of course means more organic links.


Using the above tips will improve your organic search ranking for your desired keywords?and you will begin to see in increase in naturally attracted visitors to your site. ?It is important, however, to develop a plan in which all of them are being performed in a consistent manner. Remember, attracting visitors is the first step to a holistic inbound marketing strategy.

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