Marketing Objectives: Building Customer Loyalty Online

The Role of Content in Customer Loyalty

Marketing Objectives | Loyalty

-There’s no denying that our world has gone digital. Consumers are increasingly more connected and use digital online resources for multiple purposes including shopping, research, communication, and accessing important information. Companies and organizations hoping to develop an online presence can take advantage of this digital revolution and reach a world of customers just beyond their computer screens.

Marketing objectives don’t end at attracting visitors to a website. It is important to find vital ways to build customer loyalty online and ensure these visitors trust your business in the future. Your strategic online marketing objectives should be focused on ways to develop your business as a trusted resource for customers.

One way to build a loyal customer base is to add valuable content to your website through targeted content marketing objectives.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a method that aims to create and distribute relevant and important content to a clearly defined target audience. The content should engage the audience and promote the brand or business in a meaningful way. Strategic and solidly composed content marketing objectives make a consumer stop, read, and behave differently based on the new information.

Why is content marketing effective?

Content marketing utilizes effective communication techniques without overtly selling. The marketing is providing valuable information that deepens the customer’s understanding and creates cognitive links to the brand or business. Today’s consumers are savvy. They are more and more likely to tune out traditional advertising and become connected with content marketing. Establishing solid content also adds credence to a company’s marketing assertions and increases the likelihood of creating an ongoing and engaged customer base.

How do consumers respond to content marketing?

Research conducted by the Roper Center supports these assertions with clear data.

  • 70% of respondents claimed that content marketing allows them to feel closer to the marketed company
  • 61% responded that a company’s content helps them make better consumer decisions.

As a company builds a consumer base via content marketing they expand the target audience. This target audience will likely use ongoing content marketing to make consumer decisions and form opinions.

What are the most effective forms of content marketing?

Simply having stated content marketing objectives isn’t enough. You need to ensure that the content you add to your website is highly effective. Recent research from Marketing Sherpa indicates that certain forms of content marketing are the most effective while aligning closely with marketing objectives.

Webinars/webcasts, webpages, case studies, customer reviews, and e-books are the most effective forms of content marketing. Each of these can meet your marketing objectives in a different way and help ensure customer loyalty by boosting your online visibility as a trusted online resource.

Providing ongoing, engaging, and relevant content to your customers is an excellent way of building customer loyalty. This content helps ensure they return to your business time and time again while trusting your products or services. Creating strategic marketing objectives is an excellent way to boost customer loyalty and ensure the overall marketing plan serves your business’ needs.

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