Marketing Objectives: Lead Nurturing

Marketing Objectives: Nurturing Online Leads

Marketing Objectives: Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is an essential part of inbound marketing strategy. It is the process of fostering the relationships with your visitors in hopes they take an action to become a lead.

Lead nurturing can take place at any point in the marketing funnel. Whether your visitor enters the funnel at the top or the very bottom, you should have a lead nurturing plan in place at each stage that encourages the jump to the next stage.

Marketing Objectives: Funneling to a Purchase

Three main goals to adhere to when creating a lead nurturing campaign.

1. Obtain permission and stay in contact with your prospects: Before you can enter a prospect into a campaign, it is important to obtain some sort of permission to contact him or her. The fundamental goal of inbound marketing is permission based marketing, and every aspect should adhere to this.

Once permission is grated, make sure the prospect doesn?t lose interest. Deliver content that engages them on a consistent basis. This eliminates the chance of unsubscribes, spam reports and deleting of messages.

2. Educate and position yourself in your prospects’ minds: While it is impossible to completely read your prospects? minds, you can control what they think about your market and your brand.

Many prospects, especially B2B prospects, will not enter the buying cycle for a long time. While you wait, send them educational and informative content related to your industry. This content can be informative, educational, newsworthy, and so on. When they are ready, they will be better positioned and qualified just as you want them.

3. Analyze digital body language: Just as you would observe people around you to gauge interest and intent, the same can be applied to digital behavior. Analytics provide direct insight into which prospect did what and how often. You can measure clicks, views, form submissions, etc.

This insight allows you to fully understand where they are in the buying process. Once they reach a certain point (based on your company?s lead scoring methods) and are ready to be turned over to the sales team, you will know.

Marketing Objectives | EmailsMarketing Objectives: Lead Nurturing Works

Lead nurturing is a powerful tool used to engage future customers. Workflows and smart lists are two excellent ways to engage prospects and assist them in the migration to a purchase. They are designed to improve prospect follow-up, prospect engagement and conversion rates.

When executed successfully, you can gain understating of your buyers preferences and of buyer timing. Make sure to always deliver content that?s valuable and interesting as well as permission-based.

Marketing Objectives: Marketing Automation Tools

As you consider a lead nurturing program, it is important to assess whether you need marketing automation software to develop these in-depth and effective nurturing campaigns.

Marketing automation software allows you to plan every detail of your workflow and smart lists down to the very second. It also shows real-time analytics so you can track your leads from stage 1 to purchase.

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