Marketing Solutions - CTA Map

Marketing Solutions: Call-to-Action Map

Inbound Marketing Solutions Priority
Start With a Smart CTA Map

When designing a website that will successfully convert leads into consumers…

…planning out your content for optimal conversion is critical.

As part of a comprehensive marketing solutions plan,?implement a?call-to-action map?that serves as a guide to the content of your website.

As one of the most effective?Marketing Solutions, a call-to-action map?helps to direct leads in consuming your site’s content as they are taking action to become a customer.

Attract and Educate Your Visitors

When looking at a map to plan out your marketing solutions, there are usually different paths you can take to get to your destination. In the case of websites for conversion, these paths can be defined by your user flow map and your site’s different points of entry in attracting your leads.

But if your user flow map is outdated and not optimized for website conversion, your visitors can hit roadblocks such as?missing or dead end webpages. After making navigation difficult with what is called user friction?from improper use of your site’s main navigation menu…

…visitors will likely abandon your site without a chance of converting them.

However, poor navigation design?can be avoided with a call-to-action map as one of your marketing solutions. After attracting your leads, educate them using a call-to-action map to layout this content in an appealing yet informative way. A Call-To-Action Map will reduce user friction and aid in a lead’s research and learning about your brand’s products or services.

Engage and Capture Lead Information

Marketing solutions - Call To Action Map

Engage and Capture Lead Information

While capturing lead information is important in site marketing solutions, building a conversion machine means more than focusing on the data leads may give. Instead of focusing only on the sales that may result…

…the focus should be on the consumers themselves.

In your plan to engage users with your content strategy, avoid misuse of landing pages and forms.

Instead of having most of your site entry through your home page, design your site to have content relevant to visitors no matter the point of entry. In doing this, you can capture lead information as your leads are consuming your site’s information.

Encourage Sales
and Cause Conversion

With a call-to-action map in your marketing solutions plan, your visitors convert into inbound leads and finally customers.?Your site encourages sales and?causes Conversions through…

?…strategic calls-to-action, directing visitors to take valuable action on your site.

Through easy site navigation and access to relevant content throughout your site, the results of guiding visitors into conversions include in the form of a sale, donation, or request for more information–all of which benefit your brand not only in the short term but for the long term.

Marketing Solutions - CTA Map

Don’t Be Lost – Get Found!

Embrace Customers for Life

With a call-to-action map to help build your website as a conversion machine, you can encourage repeated conversion long after your first sale. After attracting visitors and converting leads into consumers…

…embrace your customers to encourage even more conversion…

in your marketing solutions plan. Continue to put them first above your data in providing relevant and easily accessible content to keep them loyal to your site and brand.

Like a map to direct you to your destination, a call-to-action map will guide visitors in the path that converts them into customers.?As one of the most effective marketing solutions, a call-to-action map is a crucial guide in turning visitors into life long customers.

Without a call-to-action map, you were lost. Want to be found?


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