Marketing Solutions: Content Packages

Marketing Solutions: What is Good Content?

-Content is literally everywhere and is everything. It is images, words, videos and anything that can project meaning and influence general understanding. Good content requires effective design, development and management in order to address potential marketing solutions- whether you?re a creator, analyzer, curator or governor (or all the above).

Content is a major part of inbound marketing strategy and should fall into at least one category of the 4 Es of content Marketing. That is:

  • Education (Customer Research)
  • Engagement (Customer Shopping)
  • Encouragement (Customer Purchase)
  • Embracement (Loyal Customer Re-Purchase)

Content is an important piece of the puzzle when constructing the bigger picture of Inbound Marketing. Producing content in accordance to the 4 Es of content marketing is essential in nurturing your visitors down the purchase funnel and encouraging them to re-purchase.

Content As a Solution: Strategy and Trust

marketing solutions: contentGood content begins with good?Content strategy?which should be developed to attract and convert visitors into customers and then from customers into repeat buyers. This should be done with an end goal in mind, trust. You want to educate people so that they like and trust your?brand enough that they do business with you.

In addition to addressing the prospect’s needs, great content should meet business requirements. Effective content marketing solutions incorporate both creative aspects as well as business benchmarks, and the battle between creative and function does not have to hinder the process. Whether you’re just the content manager or the actual writer, it is your job to make sure all content produced is accurate, meaningful, relevant, usable and sharable. Doing this consistently will build the trust among the desired audience.

Satisfy both by including the following into your content strategy:

  • 3-D Content
  • Content Gaps
  • Personas
  • Product Pyramid Conversion Maps
  • SEO and SEM best practices

From its initial conception to the visitor conversion, strategy is essential to overall effectiveness of content marketing.?This content should be written to target personas, explain?products/service benefits and pinpoint visitors in accordance to their location in the buying cycle. It should always be relevant, contextual and timely solutions.

When those basic web copywriting rules are followed, the content will then naturally lead interested visitors toward a purchase or conversion.? An?Inbound Marketing Assessment?is a great tool to utilize when assessing your current content strategy and serves as a good starting point when trying to improve it. It can help in determining how well your content is targeting at each level of the funnel and suggest ways to close the gaps in between.

The Role of Content Strategy and Content Packages in Marketing Solutions

Content is an invaluable asset to any organization’s marketing solutions. Aggressive promotion is key. However, if the content is produced just as a filler, it will hurt your reputation and the flaws will become apparent over time. It also eliminates any potential for interaction and conversion. When determining your potential??inbound marketing solutions, start with effective content strategy and then set up content packages.

Content packages are constructed either in-house or from digital marketing agencies that research and target the desired audience and offer several different solutions. Many offer basic packages that include a number of high quality, consumer-focused articles that are SEO optimized with links, images, tags and metadata using the best practices for each. They typically connect with social media accounts to maximize exposure.

These packages take into consideration:

  • Substance: tone, style and messaging
  • Structure: prioritization
  • Workflow: tools and resources needed to create content
  • Governance: consistency and quality of content

Content Marketing Solutions: Challenge Accepted

Content Strategy can be messy and pose as a real challenge if you aren’t prepared. Make sure budgets and timeframes are realistic. Make sure you know what you/your client wants to communicate to visitors. Align that with consumer research and then create an editorial calendar for content production. Never settle for filler content, even if you write it yourself, make sure you keep consistent, quality content available to your prospects. Also, always reach out to the specialists, content packages are a great solution and many marketing organizations can help you plan and execute great content.

Marketing Matters Inbound is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, call-to-action mapping and traditional media placement. Our experience in B2B digital?marketing and traditional media allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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