Marketing Solutions: Einstein Inbound Marketing Assessment

Marketing Solutions: Einstein Tests Your Inbound IQ

Most business owners and digital creative teams invest a considerable amount in their online initiatives. The investment is typically allocated to good web design and content and in return they expect their web marketing initiatives to perform well and yield return on these investments.

But what makes web design and content structures effective? How can you measure the success of each?

Some of these owners and teams track analytics, even checking several times a day to make sure they maintain a certain number of visitors and pageviews. This is a great start and may satisfy short-term goals; however, website performance should not just be measured in terms of overall traffic.

Marketing Solutions: Performance Measuring Tools To Boost Conversions

Maybe you believe the more visitors the more purchases. This is true, but it should not be the overall amount of visitors, it should be the number of qualified visitors that are naturally attracted to your website through?inbound marketing.

The definition of a qualified lead varies depending on where the visitors are in the buying cycle. The cycle ranges from:

  • Research (ToFu)
  • Shopping (MoFu)
  • Purchase (BoFu)
  • Re-purchase (ReFu)

Ideally, having the largest number of visitors at ?purchase? and re-purchase? is key to making sales. It is difficult to measure just where in the funnel all your visitors are, especially if you use basic website performance measuring tools.

Marketing Solutions: The Einstein Assessment

einstein proves solutions

Einstein said it: Value is more important

Your goal should be to transform your website into a?conversion machine?that consistently nurtures your leads down the funnel, regardless of where they are when they first view your site. Good content should fulfill the need of the website visitor at each stage.

Website Conversion involves 4 stages:

  • Education — (Research)
  • Engagement — (Shopping)
  • Encouragement — (Purchase)
  • Embracing — (Re-purchase)

There are several tools available when assessing your website performance and visitor analytics.?The Einstein Inbound Marketing Assessment?is a paid one-time engagement that measures your onsite Visitor & Conversion flow. The gaps revealed throughout this process help form a starting point for developing a comprehensive online strategy.

The Assessment also measures your Inbound Marketing efforts against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Keywords, Search Engine Marketing, Re-Marketing efforts and conversion ratio.

Marketing Solutions: An Assessment Recap

To recap, the amount of visitors you receive won’t necessarily help you achieve your sales metric goals and reach marketing solutions. Proper content structure and design that makes the journey through the funnel as seamless and streamlined as possible is essential.?Want to learn more about the Inbound Marketing Assessment??Click here.

Start with a holistic inbound marketing strategy that addresses where your efforts are falling short when nurturing those leads down the funnel. See where your current content and design ranks in a paid assessment:

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