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Marketing Solutions: Einstein Website Assessment

Making Sure Your Inbound Marketing Solutions Are Effective

Your Inbound Marketing?Solutions can be valuable tools for converting prospects to customers. If you have been utilizing inbound marketing efforts in blogging, content, social media, and SEO/SEM, you realize it can be a time-consuming and costly activity. Therefore, it is important to ensure you are getting the highest ROI on your inbound marketing efforts. If you have been seeking an effective tool to evaluate your inbound?marketing?solutions?you should consider an?Einstein Website Assessment?(EWA).

Marketing Solutions - Einstein Website Assessment

It Can Be Time Consuming

Raise Your Inbound I.Q.

Einstein measures your inbound I.Q. by evaluating your inbound efforts against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). A good assessment effectively measures any gaps between your inbound efforts and conversion metrics. Einstein then identifies the correct marketing solutions. An EWA takes a holistic approach in evaluating both your website and inbound marketing solutions to ensure they work together to deliver maximum results.

Get Smart About Your Goals

An EWA will begin by looking at your online goals to determine if your inbound marketing efforts are delivering the right numbers. Are your efforts providing current and potential customers with information, generating new leads, and selling your products or services? The EWA can help you evaluate your goal performance and, if needed, determine the correct marketing solutions.

Engineer Your Gaps

Are your inbound marketing efforts providing marketing solutions that nurture your prospects through the buying processes? ?Are you even DOING Inbound Marketing? Einstein helps you discover gaps in your online marketing processes and identify what is necessary to bridge those gaps and close your customer loop.

Know Your SEO

Without the proper keywords for Search Engine Optimization your inbound marketing efforts may not capitalize on every opportunity. The EWA evaluates your SEO and your Search Engine Marketing efforts to ensure both marketing solutions are performing at their optimal levels.

Convert Cohesively

In addition, an EWA evaluates your re-marketing efforts to confirm you’re reaching out to prospects who have previously visited. Re-engagement metrics check to see if you’re utilizing the correct solutions to create a repeat purchase.

Finally, the EWA evaluates your website’s conversions. Determine when and where your online conversions are occurring. Learn about optimal conversions; happening at the right quantity and in the optimal timeframe.

Marketing Solutions - Inbound Assessment

The View From 3,000 Feet.

Get the Big Picture

With an EWA of your inbound marketing efforts you will:

A) Know your website ?Attraction Factor:?
Know how well your website performs in terms of its overall ability to attract your target audience.

B) See how your website stacks up vs. competitors:
Determine if your website is lagging behind the competition in terms of pulling in the right prospects.

C) Identify your customer conversion ratios:
Know how many visitors it takes to make a sale, and identify important information about your pipeline.

D) Identify gaps in your workflow:
Are you leading your prospects to dead ends that fail to convert and leave them hanging?

E) See your Content Strategy/Call-to-Action ?feast or famine? report:
Does your content strategy and subsequent calls to action lead to a feast or famine in leads and conversions?

F) Determine your ROI:
Is your inbound marketing really delivering the best return on investment possible?

The EWA provides holistic marketing solutions for your online efforts by assessing both your website and your inbound marketing. The assessment goes beyond the capabilities of a?website grader?and gives you detailed information about where your online marketing efforts are paying off. It can also identify where you are falling short and pinpoint the correct marketing solutions for improvement.

Protect your investment in inbound marketing and maximize the effectiveness of your website. The best way to ensure you get the most out of both is with an Einstein Website Assessment.

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