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Marketing Solutions: Inbound Marketing

How the Internet Has Changed Marketing Solutions Forever

– Most businesses realize by now that the internet has changed the world marketplace forever, and that staying competitive requires ? at a bare minimum ? an online presence which enables customers to access their products and services. However, what many companies have yet to grasp as they develop Marketing Solutions is that the web has also completely transformed traditional marketing from an exercise in how you find customers, to one of having them find you.

How You Find Customers vs. How They Find You

This translates into a totally new approach to marketing solutions that places the emphasis on managing the inbound flow of interest in your business, versus the conventional method of constantly reaching out to grab whoever’s attention you can. And if you catch yourself wondering if your web-presence is adding to your bottom line, then it’s time to take a serious look at your inbound marketing solutions.

Marketing Solutions Begin with Strategy

Marketing Solutions Inbound Marketing

The Internet has Changed
The World Marketplace

Having a presence on the internet is as simple as publishing a webpage, and there are very few companies left who have not conquered this basic element of online marketing. But having an effective online presence that is bringing your site a steady flow of visitors, who are then converted to buyers, is another thing entirely.

Sound Inbound Marketing Solutions include these strategies:

  • Content Strategy
  • Call To Action Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy

Developing a strategy to turn your online presence into something that attracts customers requires planning and organization. In fact, all successful inbound marketing solutions start with setting goals and objectives for the sum total of your online campaigns, and then developing tactics from these that nurture leads, and encourage sales.

What will emerge from this process is a coherent road map for how the various elements of your web presence can work together to educate and engage potential customers in a way that fulfills their needs, leading to a flow of repeat visitors that consistently convert. And that is the key element of today’s internet based marketing solutions.

Building a Dynamic System

Marketing Solutions Inbound Marketing

Building a Dynamic System

A good place to start for most businesses is to remind yourself of why you have a website in the first place; namely, to attract customers. This underscores the fact that your website is the engine that powers the machine which is working to convert visitors into customers ? and keep them coming back for more.

For example, a well planned and efficiently organized conversion website will fully integrate the various elements of internet marketing solutions that have demonstrated over time to be the most productive drivers of generating interest, and sustaining traffic growth. These include:

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – ?making sure you turn-up in basic product searches

  • Social-media engagement with platforms like Facebook and Twitter

  • Website architecture ? for designing sites that appeal to readers rather than confuse them

  • Content strategy ? to ensure what’s on your site is what customers need

Combining such techniques with a systematic evaluation of marketing analytics derived from your site’s traffic patterns leads to increasingly effective calls to action that intersect with the interests of your customers, prompting significant increases in sales.

It all begins with understanding that inbound marketing solutions are the new treasure trove driving business development in the internet age. Businesses that comprehend and embrace this new reality are the ones that are finding themselves on the cutting edge of marketing innovation, and reaping the rewards that go with it.

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