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Marketing Solutions: Online Brand Alignment Gap Analysis

How Strong are Your Marketing Solutions?

– When it comes to marketing your product or service, it’s important to analyze how well your marketing solutions are, in terms of targeting your audience. Every company suffers from alignment gaps. The question is: how big are those gaps? If they’re small and can easily be corrected, then it’s no big deal, but if the gap is massive then you have a problem.

A good way to find out, is to perform a Brand Alignment Gap Analysis, a study that looks at customer workflow gaps between sales/marketing. A gap analysis uncovers messaging gaps between onsite and your Search Engine Marketing, and online purchasing cycles.

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Closing the Gaps

Closing Marketing Gaps

In order for Brand Alignment to occur, you need to close any type of marketing gap that disallows marketing and sales to communicate with each other. Miscommunication (or NO communication) creates large gaps that affect your strategy and eventually your bottom line.

For example, if you’re not sharing goal-based data, not acting on an important information in a timely manner, an internal alignment gap occurs.

If your customers have great marketing and sales online and onsite experience, but negative customer sales, you have a brand alignment gap. You want to close these gaps. Why?

Closing these gaps leads to:

  • Better business performance
  • Improvement with lead quality
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Better communication between marketing & sales
  • Enhanced buyer experience
  • Better customer service

Implementing Marketing Solutions

This is where marketing solutions, such as a Brand Alignment Gap Analysis comes into play. Conducting an analysis lets you see how well your brand is performing, by assessing the quality of experience you’re delivering. It also helps in discovering if stake holders, employees, and customers find the experience important and relevant.

Every marketing solutions strategy you employ won’t make a difference unless your brand performs at its peak. It’s what you want. It’s what Sales wants. It’s what Marketing wants. It’s what customers want.

Online marketing solutions like a Brand Alignment Gap Analysis, assess the alignment between your behavior, communications, such as with marketing and sales, and the brand platform; it then creates programs that help improve the brand’s performance, as well as strategies for improving the communication lines with the sales and marketing teams.

What a Gap Analysis Shows

For instance, the gap analysis study for marketing solutions polls internal and external audience to see how well a brand is performing, in terms of customer satisfaction, brand quality, and competitive pricing. The ratings then reflect what is and is not working, and what needs to be done to improve brand performance. The important thing to note is that customers and employees may feel differently than you on what they deem valuable.

When Brand Alignment for marketing solutions does occur there is certain criteria that is met, which includes:

  • Better internal communications
  • Satisfied customer reviews
  • Marketing lead offs to sales efficiency
  • Internal, meaning operations/sales/marketing, integrated efforts
  • Customer experience that matches desired perception

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The Rewards Of A Gap Analysis

Rewards of Utilizing Brand Alignment Gap Analysis

Marketing Solutions that include a brand alignment gap analysis can reap many rewards, especially in regards to employees in the decision-making process and as a feeling of accomplishment. When you implement the action plan laid out in the executive summary, your customers will also benefit and engender loyalty and trust in your company, when they feel their needs and concerns are not only acknowledged, but addressed, as well. It really is vital to your company to employ marketing solutions that foster a good working and customer relationship, thus ensuring your company thrives for years to come.

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