Marketing Solutions: Traditional Media and Inbound Marketing

Marketing Solutions: Bridge the Gap Between Traditional & Inbound

– Inbound marketing has changed the game for brands, agencies and consumers; however?traditional media?still plays a major role in the overall marketing mix. The trick is determining how to tie the two together and produce a cohesive strategy outlined to meet business objectives.

Whether it is acquiring customers, enhancing brand awareness or building a retention program; bridging the gap between traditional media and inbound marketing is imperative when developing effective marketing solutions.

Different Strategy, Same End Goal

Different marketing channels function in different ways. Neither inbound nor traditional media is a catch-all. Having multiple channels is important as they attract diverse audiences at various times and moments in the consumers? lives.

Together digital and traditional media can overlap and intertwine to culminate into effective marketing solutions.

traditional and digital solutions

Two Channels, One End goal

  • Inbound marketing: focuses on continuously creating tremendous amounts of ?big data? that gives marketers an in-depth, targeted look at consumer activity, preference, location, purchasing behavior and general interests. It revolves around short cycles, real-time execution and one-to-one messaging. Ultimately, inbound marketing gives more insight into how to better attract, convert, and engage consumers.
  • Traditional marketing: involves planned campaigns that require more planning and execution time-frames. Traditional campaigns require extensive demographic research and focus on the 4 Ps (price, product, placement and promotion). Traditional media has the same end goal as inbound marketing; however they are performed over an extended period of time and through offline channels (direct mail, telemarketing, transit ads, radio, television and print).

So now the question remains: How can the two work together?

Keep Awareness, Interaction, and Conversion in a Constant Loop

Every tactic and channel, whether traditional or inbound, should fuel the?conversion process. One should lead to another while offering relevant information to the target audience. Traditional media will always have a place; however its importance will be reduced over time due to the limitation and expense it involves.

A good thing to keep in mind is inbound marketing is cost friendly. Websites serve as a 24 hour salesperson for a company. While traditional media schedules can be reduced over the span of a campaign, inbound continues to attract visitors and increase brand awareness regardless of the time of day.

Marketing Solutions: A Synergistic Approach

Integrated traditional and?inbound marketing solutions?should include online and offline tactics that build a strong brand and attract qualified leads. They should lead into each other in logical way and create an easy-to-follow conversion process. To ensure your website is up to par, an?inbound marketing assessment, can evaluate how well you are performing on the inbound side.

Things to keep in mind when creating an integrated cross-medium campaign:

  • Keep the message and overall look and feel consistent throughout the marketing push in both mediums.
  • Use the same target sectors and unique branding elements for both.
  • Both inbound and traditional media campaigns should be launched simultaneously and both should support each other.
  • Constantly adjust the web-based portion of the campaign. Feedback is instantaneous online allowing for quicker analysis and changes to be made.

Combining the different components of inbound marketing and traditional marketing can ascertain marketing solutions that positively impact the bottom line.

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, PPC campaigns and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and?traditional media?allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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