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Too Many Marketing Solutions, Where Do I Start?

– The internet has an abundance of articles full of tips on how to achieve inbound marketing solutions. Without a starting point, the task of improving your web-based initiatives can be overwhelming.

If you are contemplating ways to improve your online presence, a basic?website grader?is an excellent place to start.

This intelligent tool depicts your website?s strengths and weaknesses and allows you to simply examine the results and follow up on suggested improvements. In other words, a website grader is a good starting point.

What Exactly is the Website Grader?

The website grader gives your website a score on a scale from 1-100. It also compares up to three of your direct competitors’ websites which will be pitted against your own. A written report addresses strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in the inbound process (also known as Funnel Gaps).?Knowing where in the funnel you are losing your visitors’ interest is the key to improving your website.?Funnel Gaps can include:

marketing solutions with grades

  • Top-of-funnel gaps: where Consumers?research (attraction)
  • Middle-of-funnel gaps: where Consumers?shop (nurture)
  • Bottom-of-funnel gaps: where Consumers?buy (convert)

The grader will give a score based on your website?s ability to?Attract, Nurture, and Convert?visitors to leads.

The overall goal of a website grader is to inform and educate the degree of inbound optimization for your website. It then identifies areas in need of improvement. Whether your problems lie at the top or the bottom of the funnel (most commonly it’s middle of funnel), the grader will indicate where you should start when seeking out the marketing solutions for that gap.

Seems Simple, But Why Should I?

Whether you?re ready or not to think about inbound?marketing solutions?and how to implement them ? a website grader is a risk-free tool that simply diagnoses your current marketing strategy. ?Having a fully optimized website gives you a huge advantage over competitors.

Even if the competitor who ranks directly above you in Google has twice the number of staff members, having an optimized website can outwork them all! Think of it as your 24 hour/7 days a week sales team. It never quits and an effective one makes sales.?For more on why your website is the new salesperson, check out this?article.

Marketing Solutions: Wait, There?s More!

You have obviously read this far for a reason. You’re taking initiative and searching for ways to improve your online presence. Whether you desperately need to improve your web presence or maybe you’re just curious how well your existing powerhouse internet strategy is working, the website grader is an important step in the process to complete optimization.

In addition to a free website grader, an?inbound marketing assessment?is another valuable tool. It’s more of a “website grader plus” and includes a robust, detailed report that addresses SEO, SEM, Re-marketing and Conversions (it is free!). Depending on where you are in the optimization process, this could be the next step to take to achieve inbound marketing success. For information about the difference between a website grader and an assessment, check out?this article.

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