Marketo Reviews: HubSpot Goes Head-to-Head With Marketo

Marketo Reviews vs. HubSpot Reviews

– When you compare Marketo reviews with HubSpot reviews head-to-head, you get a pretty good view of each platform’s?strengths and weakness and overall performance. Looking at three key components of each company’s system can help?you decide which will guide?you in developing a thorough Inbound Marketing plan designed to turn Visitors into Prospects.

Marketo ReviewsKeyword Tool

Having the ability to track and weigh the strength of keywords within all your marketing media is one of the basics of Inbound Marketing Software.?You want the keywords to be breadcrumbs across the web to lead browsers right to your virtual doorstep. In addition, those words must show up in all your content: blogs, Twitter feeds and even email messages.

While each platform?offers keyword tracking, a close look at Marketo reviews reveals a lack of interest in the keyword tool. Marketo reviews?did reveal it has overall clean feel, but the keyword tool was not noted as a high ranking positive aspect.

On the flip side,?HubSpot‘s keyword tool is?called “appealing” and “integrated,” garnering high praise for its simplicity and user-friendliness. The across the board synthesis allows you to research keywords and work them into a blog all at once, making it easier to focus on writing great content. However, some reviewers expressed concern over the Cost Per Click data.

Email Platform

email Marketo ReviewsThough social media marketing continues as?the new kid on the block, email marketing is still vitally important to a comprehensive Inbound Marketing plan. Being able to get your message to your Customers’ inboxes in a strategic way is as important as making sure your?message is consistent across all your marketing mediums.

Marketo’s emailing platform seems a bit cumbersome. Marketo reviews show that the software does require some knowledge of HTML code to be able to get the full experience. Praise?was given on some Marketo reviews for its ability to create multiple targeted lists.

Unlike Marketo?reviews, HubSpot is praised repeatedly by called powerful and robust. Others refer to the ease of customization of the HubSpot email tool which offers an array of templates for emails as well as optimization tools to garner leads and help readers opt out of certain emails without completely disengaging.

Landing Page Design Tool

Creating a great landing page is the first step to turning webpage Visitors into Leads. When a visitor lands on your page, he should feel like he has come home and is ready to engage with you.

Both platforms come with design tools to help you create a fantastic landing page. Marketo reviews show the software does a good job at integrating landing pages with emails in a campaign. However, some Marketo?reviews?showed concern about the limited ability to personalize the landing page, even with a good What You See Is What You Get editor.

HubSpot also garners praise for its landing page tool from bloggers at and only does HubSpot help you create great pages, but also offers tools to help you track your efficiency in using the pages.

Overall, up against Marketo reviews, HubSpot seems to edge out its pricier competitor, getting lauded for its overall look and intuitive dashboard. It might be helpful to take a free Hubspot demo and see for yourself how this Inbound Marketing platform can help you draw more customers along the path to your business:

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, call-to-action mapping and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and traditional media allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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