My Company Has Reached A Plateau In Our Digital Marketing Plan

Digital marketing has become the mainstay for anyone looking to market their business, but if your strategy?s effectiveness seems to have reached a plateau, you probably need to re-evaluate your strategy. In the data reflected in the Digital Marketing Strategy Report by Marketing Matters in partnership with Ascend2, 25% of companies surveyed report that the performance associated with their marketing strategy has plateaued. On the plus side, 75% of those surveyed are still experiencing improving effectiveness. It?s probably not marketing that is at issue, it may just be your strategy.

So what is the best way to evaluate your strategy and make changes that will increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing? There are many moving parts in any strategy and an expert consultation may be necessary to really understand what part of your strategy needs tweaking. But we can look to some factors?that shed light on what other businesses are experiencing. ?These could be seen as the big three areas that need adjusting.


Depending on the size of your business, you may have opted to handle your digital marketing in-house, thinking the cost savings makes sense. Or you may feel that a consultant or marketing partner won?t understand your business the way you do. Based on the survey, 61% of B2B companies have some sort of outsourcing for their marketing strategy. Your strategy may need to be tweaked to include more outside help.

Types of digital marketing used

In-bound digital marketing really got started with various email strategies, and email is not only?the most used method, it is still considered the most effective by 57% of those surveyed. But the gap between email and other methods is closing, and more companies are finding success with blogs, SEO, content, and social media as primary tenants of their approach. It?s possible that it isn?t that you need to change your methods, maybe you just need to change how you?re using those methods. Look at success per method and try to determine if it?s only the mix of the types that needs adjusting. For example, maybe your output numbers for one could be lowered and raised for another. Mixing it up?might help you see that effectiveness rating start moving again.

Marketing Automation

Just as with all things digital, automating your marketing might be the next step you take to get over the hump and get you moving again. In the report,?77% of businesses surveyed are using automated systems to help deliver their strategy. Marketing Automation software can help you manage content, turn content into leads, and help nurture leads to a sale. The information provided by the software can help your team see how to prioritize leads and follow them to a close. But just like knowing the right mix of digital marketing, you need to look closely at the various automation tools and pick one that makes sense for your business.

Every strategy?will vary, and should vary, based on the individual company it is meant to serve. Knowing what works for companies similar to yours can help, and having knowledgeable people from within your company working with outside consultants who are experts at digital marketing can be the right combination to help you either fix or create the right mix for your business. Learn what the experts of digital marketing have said about what works and what doesn’t in our B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Report which compiles data from 333 different businesses and Marketing and Sales professionals. Just click the button below.

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