Online Ad Agency builds a conversion machine in the form of a website. Sales Conversions.

Online Ad Agency Builds New Salesperson

Meet Your New Best Salesperson…Your Website Conversion Machine

A good online ad agency knows that one of the frequently hidden influences on profits is cost-of-sale. Problem is, there aren’t very many good online agencies…the type who connect business and marketing.

Online Ad Agency builds a conversion machine in the form of a website. Sales Conversions.

Meet your new salesperson. It’s your website.

The more resources it takes to find customers, interest them, qualify them, and close them, the less profitable the opportunity. The reason is simple. The time & money spent on people who never buy anything has to be ?costed? to the sales that do happen.

So it?s important for your online ad agency to optimize your online conversion path in order to optimize sales efficiency. And that spells PROFITS.

Some aspects of your business are surely more profitable than others areas.? Although most business people would love to only do business soley in those profitable areas, it isn?t uncommon that the majority of business is done in a lesser profitable area just by default.

Build a Conversion Machine

What if you could do more business in the profitable areas?
What if you spent less time with prospects that really aren?t going to ever buy anything from you?
What if your pre-qualification process was so strong, you were able to talk with more qualified prospects, more often?

What if you had a lead generation & conversion machine that:

  • Worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
  • Never asked for a day off?
  • Found people interested in what you offered?
  • Nurtured that interest automatically & repetitively, converting that lead into a qualified prospect?
  • Educated that prospect to the point where they were converted into the most profitable type of customer you could have?

Meet your new salesperson. It?s your website powered by Inbound Marketing.? Because that?s what Inbound Marketing can do for you.? And this is what your online ad agency MUST do for you: Build a website conversion machine rather than your typical, traditional website.

The Big Switch

In the past marketing has relied on a small percentage of response (1-3%) from what we now refer to as ?interruption? advertising.? Marketing relied on literally interrupted people who were watching television, listening to the radio, sorting their mail, or going through their email inbox. ?All in the ?name of hope.


2 Options: Pray for success. Inbound Marketing

Hope of finding someone who was perhaps interested in our products or services.

Hope that the people you were shouting at actually had a need.

Hope that the roulette wheel would hit…just this once.

Technology has made it easier for consumers to ignore interrupt marketing. ?People record their favorite television programs to watch later. Then they fast forward through your commercial.

Every car radio now has memory buttons so people can avoid your radio commercial. ?There?s so much junk mail in our mailboxes these days that people literally open the mail over the trash can.? Spam filters on every computer make sure that your inbox isn’t filled with interrupt emails.

So how do you get your message across?

The Answer: Inbound Marketing from an Online Ad Agency

With a properly built Internet Conversion Machine powered by a conversion website designed to act like that perfect salesperson we mentioned earlier, you?ll position your business where interested prospect are, when they?re looking for your products or services.

A good online ad agency can create conversations with customers via your website. You end up talking to more and more people who want to buy your most profitable products and services because you have developed an Inbound Marketing Strategy that converts visitors into ideal customers.? You are no longer interrupting; you are:

  • Attracting
  • Converting
  • Closing
  • Delighting

Inbound Marketing isn?t for everyone; it?s for those who understand marketing is an investment to doing business in a more profitable manner. The first step in creating an Inbound Conversion Machine is grading your website, and you can do that for free.




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