Online Marketing Ideas: Creating B2B Downloadable Content

Content Focus is One of the Best B2B Online Marketing Ideas

Talking to the hot chick at the bar is great, but at the end of the night don?t you just want to seal the deal. Or at least get her number?

online marketing ideas

At Least Get Her Number!

In business, success and digits are just as closely related. Your business? website may be getting lots of hits, but is it making any Conversions? How successful is your Inbound Marketing Strategy? What Online Marketing Ideas is your Inbound Marketing Consultant using?

Online Marketing Ideas by the Numbers

Maybe you’re business is producing tons of content on a regular basis. If it’s not, it should be. The Content Marketing Institute says 91 percent of B2Bs and 86 percent of B2Cs currently use new content to connect with Customers and engage with Prospects. Hmm. Anyone out there in B2B Land see a need for Content Strategy?for B2B Lead-Gen?

Online Marketing Ideas that Dominate
While sitting on the sidelines may be okay for one night, no one is ever truly satisfied being the perpetual wingman. But don?t just get into the game. Dominate. IJust do it in a nurturing way. Harness the power of downloadable content to make the Leads from your Inbound Marketing a Conversion Machine.

There are a lot of Online Marketing Ideas and a lot of Content Marketing Firms slinging them. What is important to remember is the digits. Get those digits.

Digit Getting – Online Marketing Ideas

  • online marketing ideas

    Get The Digits!

    Inbound Marketing Website Assessment ? This is where you start. You learn how your website stacks up with your competitors. You discover what pages on your website are getting the most traffic. You look at what links are being clicked, how long Visitors are staying on your site and what brought them there.

  • Develop B2B Downloadable Content ? While you may have a lot of content on your site, most of it is probably HTML text or pictures. What you want is valuable content which your Visitor must choose to download. This might come in the form of white paper or how-to guide.
  • Create the Tease ? A catchy slogan or a quick snap shot of what your Visitor will get if they decide to download your content to show them its value. ?One of the best Online Marketing Ideas to get them to take action.
  • Decide What Info You Want ? It is all about the digits, remember? What information does your business need to take your Visitor and turn them into a Customer? Perhaps it is their name, phone number or email. Maybe it is all of the above and more. What are you hoping to get? What will you provide in return?
  • Design an Opt In ? Downloading your content is optional. All your Visitor has to do is opt in and give you a little personal information. Keep this form quick and friendly. Once they hit submit, make sure you have a way to quickly share the content with them. Most likely this will be through the email address you have just collected.
  • Follow Up ? Now that you have their digits, you are not finished. Follow up with each Prospect with additional, valuable information. Use clear Call-To-Action language to get them to engage with your business and seek your product or service.

Are your Online Marketing Ideas working or is it time to start harnessing the power of downloadable content?

Are you ready to start sealing the deal with Online Marketing Ideas that really work?

Begin with your Inbound Marketing Website Assessment today.


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