Pardot Reviews: The Benefits of Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation?

– If you’re shopping for?Inbound Marketing Solutions that can help you take your marketing efforts to the next level, there are plenty of inbound marketing software options on the market for you to choose from.

Pardot reviewsPardot and HubSpot

Pardot and HubSpot are similar products but with subtle differences.

Here are some points that were made in?Pardot reviews to help you with your decision when you’re considering the differences between Salesforce products and HubSpot innovations.

  • According to some Pardot reviews, one of the most frustrating problems that some people report experiencing is the duplication of records within a company’s database.? The Pardot reviews that pointed to the duplicated records as a culprit of frustration also noted that an extensive amount of time had to be put into their systems to manually correct the database records.

Since the purpose of marketing automation is based on decreasing frustration and increasing efficiency with processes that bring together email campaigns and traditional sales processes, it only makes sense that you employ a system that resists the idea of duplicating already-existing records.

HubSpot’s technology is based on the Inbound Marketing theory of increasing leads and lowering your costs without increasing inefficiencies that come from duplicated records.

  • ?Some Pardot reviews point to a significant amount of frustration with customer service.? In fact, some Pardot reviews indicate that email was the only option for them when they needed help.

The intuitive design of HubSpot’s interface may mean that you won’t need additional assistance, but if you do, you’ll be able to pick up the phone and talk to someone who can help you out.

  • There seems to be a certain frustration among Pardot reviews with people who find the user interface not quite as friendly as it could be.? In fact. some Pardot reviews are written by people who express that they’re not new to the world of marketing automation, and yet, they felt considerable amounts of frustration when it came to using the system.

Although the alternatives?to?Pardot products are similar, HubSpot’s suite of services?offers a more?intuitive platform that makes marketing make sense.? Marketing automation, after all, should be intuitive, with a user interface that the most experienced marketers and the greenest interns can pick up with a little practice.

  • Reporting seems to be another point of contention among many Pardot reviews.? As business owners and marketing teams are continually looking for flexibility and ways to improve their business, inefficient or non-productive reports within software doesn’t make sense.

You may be surprised to hear that Pardot reviews point to poor report-running capabilities.? HubSpot’s alternatives to Pardot’s products offer reporting that enhances flexibility in marketing automation, which will allow you to analyze and record results that matter in real-time.

Did you agree with these third party reviews? If you’re shopping around for marketing automation software, you can request a free HubSpot demo?to find out for yourself.

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