PPC Advertising Agency Tips: Using PPC Keywords to Convert

How a PPC Advertising Agency can
Help You Win More Games

– Wouldn’t it be great if you were a baseball team manager and could simply go over your schedule and only pick the teams to play that you knew you could beat?? Well, when a PPC Advertising Agency uses PPC (Pay-Per-Click) keywords in a well-developed strategy that is pretty much what they?re doing.

PPC Advertising Agency Double Play

PPC Advertising Agency

A Fat Pitch Right Over
The Middle Of The Plate

When done properly, the PPC ads and Landing Page Design combine to attract and nurture people who are searching for information related to the keywords used in a very clean direct manner. ?Since those people are already interested in the topic, converting them is simply a matter of designing the content to offer a CTA (Call-To-Action) that is precisely that for which they are searching.? It?s a fat pitch right over the middle of the plate for the hitter to pound over the fence.

A Can of Corn for a
PPC Advertising Agency

It’s how the keyword strategy is developed by the PPC Advertising Agency that makes the process work well.? Keywords don?t just fall out of the sky like fly balls in the outfield, but a good PPC Advertising Agency will have the knowledge and experience to develop a method of:

  • Identifying the target audience
  • Creating detailed personas
  • Finding and testing keywords and keyword phrases
  • Understanding the types of CTA?s that will convert

The strategy should include an awareness of the kinds of visitors that come to a page via the various PPC advertisement keywords that are selected.? Are the Visitors:

  • Researching
  • Considering
  • Shopping

The PPC Keyword Strategy should be designed with Inbound Marketing Best Practices in mind. ?What is Inbound Marketing?? It is a deliberate strategy of internet marketing designed to:

  • Attract

?people who are searching for what you have to offer

  • Nurture

?them into a communication with you

  • Engage

?them with content ?relevant to the solutions they are seeking

  • Embrace

?them so they become come back again and become promoters of your business

PPC Advertising AgencyConversion is a
PPC Advertising Agency Natural

Conversion occurs within this process at various levels.? When a Visitor first arrives at your website via a landing page, the options for action should be limited to one specific topic, targeted by the selection of the keywords used in the PPC ad.? If the ad was targeted at people just looking for additional information about a topic, then the CTA conversion could be downloading a pdf info sheet related to the topic in exchange for the visitor?s email address.

Once this conversion occurs, that Visitor is carefully nurtured with additional information opportunities closer to further conversions and closer to a sale. All based on their needs.? This could be invitations to a Webinar or to download an e-Book related to the topic.

The PPC Advertising Agency Grand Slam

The Conversion Strategy involves a series of small step conversions rather than one giant leap.? When you?re at the plate, you can?t hit a grand slam no matter how hard you try unless somehow three other runners have reached base.? Those base runners are the small conversions leading up to the big hit, the grand slam that is the ultimate conversion of Visitor to Customer.? By enlisting the help of the experts in a good PPC Advertising Agency to help you develop your Keyword Strategy, you can start rounding the bases yourself in no time at all.

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