PPC Agency: 10 Secrets of Unlocking PPC ROI

Secrets to Unlocking Your PPC ROI Potential (Things Your PPC Agency Should Tell You)?

-Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns certainly complement any Inbound Marketing Strategy. However, PPC novices fail to reveal the knowledge needed to kick PPC campaigns into high gear and energize PPC return on investment (ROI).

An experienced PPC Agency happily reveals the secrets to unlock the revenue generating power of your PPC campaign that increases your PPC ROI.

PPC Agency Secrets

Keywords unlock PPC ROI potential

The 10 Secrets to Unlocking PPC ROI Potential

  1. Clickilicious Ads – Clickilicious ads show your product improving the life of your Visitor. Creating irrestible ads require you to become both seller and buyer. As a result, you can create moving Call-To-Actions, build trust, and show the benefits of your product.
  2. Sitelinks Muscle – Sitelinks ad extensions show links to pages deep in your website along with your landing page beneath the text of your ads. Your Visitors quickly see and click to popular or high Converting pages of your site. A skilled PPC Agency knows how Sitelinks ad extensions can strengthen your site’s Conversion rate.
  3. Subtle Impact of Long-Tail Keywords – These unassuming product specific three-to-four word phrases are unpopular with PPC rookies because they fail to see the genius in subtlety. An accomplished PPC Agency?sees Long-Tail Keywords as ornate lacework that pull a high Conversion rate.
  4. Physics of Dynamic Keyword Insertion – Dynamic keyword insertion energizes your ad text with exact phrase searched placed in your ad. Enhance your ad for a specific product that moves your Visitor to act. However, consult a PPC Agency to effectively use dynamic keyword insertion because badly executed dynamic keyword insertion can cost PPC dollars and time.
  5. Landing Pages That Sell – Your landing page is the bridge of your Conversion Architecture connecting the promise your ad offers with your Visitor’s desires. Simple concise copy that relates to the ad and is keyword rich builds a strong connection. A strong connection can turn your website into a Conversion Machine.
  6. PPC Technology – PPC Technology are tools that help you find keywords and measure the success of your PPC campaign. Working with a PPC Agency helps you understand tools such as Google Keyword Planner and HubSpot Keyword Tool.
  7. Non-Triggering AdWords Only Make You Stronger – Negative keywords are words that don’t trigger your ad, but they separate mere clickers from genuine buyers. A negative keyword list prevents wasteful PPC spending on non-converting keywords. This means your PPC campaign becomes lean and mean enough to carry you to the top of the mountain of cha-ching.
  8. Geo-Targeting Shreds the Competition – Geo-targeting allows you to create location/market specific keywords based on IP addresses or location, or both. Geo-targeting breaks through highly competitive markets. MarketingSherpa shows how a regional eye care provider in a highly competitive market used geo-targeting to its revenue 333 percent.
  9. Know When Your Ad Reaches Its Peak Conversion Rate – Working with an accomplished PPC Agency to understand the time your ad Converts the Visitors to your site saves you money. If you’re getting hundreds of clicks at 11:00 pm without any Conversions, stop running the ad around that time.
  10. A/B Test with a Purpose – A/B testing with a purpose shows disconnects between your marketing logic and your Visitor’s logic, and why your Visitors do what they do on your site. When you test with a purpose, your tests bear reliable results. An experienced PPC agency can help you get results so that you can make wise marketing decisions.

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