PPC Agency Scoop: Why is My Paid Search Not Working?

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– The simple answer is: Although you?ve found an efficient agency that markets your products, they don?t fulfill your specific PPC needs. It?s time to find the simple solution of using a PPC Agency that does indeed serve your needs with Inbound Marketing specific to your company.

Attract Visitors

  • The hard sales pitch is no longer valid. People with internet savvy are aware of their options and are interested only in the best options available. Your PPC Agency is only going to succeed if you take these considerations into your market pitch and develop specific keywords for the product or vertically relevant to the customer.
  • Customers have needs, and have internet access to fulfill those needs. Finding customers is yesterday, finding and filling their needs is today.
  • Your website must be designed to fill those needs. Use a free Website Grader or the Inbound Marketing Assessment, to determine how well your site is working and how well your PPC Agency is helping you build a customer base.
  • These grades can help you find the gaps in your purchasing funnel and effectively bring more final sales to your website.

Build a Website

  • Your website should address the needs of your clients. Clients will only click your links if the links are attractive to their end goals. The user?s intention may vary from simply researching a product, comparing brands, or looking at prices as they prepare to buy.
  • Your PPC Agency?should attract new customers that aren?t simply viewing casually what you have to offer, but are authorized and interested in purchasing your product or services.
  • Your PPC Agency will help determine not only how to increase the number of website visits, but how to generate interest in your site. Geographically, for example, as people get off work at different times and visit at their convenience.
  • Separating campaigns between broad and specific match types needs to be considered as a way of generating customers entering a specific item in their search or a general term, and the customer may or may not be interested in what your company is offering.

Landing Page

  • The Landing Page has to be intriguing and hold the interest of your potential customer. This is accomplished?through?a brief summary by your PPC Agency of what your company offers on a well designed layout that draws your potential customers? eyes to the aspect of your company they need.
  • The Landing Page is where your customers find their first contact with you, it is integral for this page to be the part of your site that draws customers and produces the business activity you encourage.
  • The Landing Page offers links to the rest of your website so potential customers can find the goods and services they need as provided by your company. Your PPC Agency utilizes this page as a draw for prospective customers.

Paid Search

  • Paid search campaigns attract potential customers to your website through use of keywords that are commonly used by potential buyers of your goods and services. This requires a developed understanding of your goals by your PPC Agency, as to whether you want to attract people to purchase your product or whether you want customers to review your blog and develop an interest in your product.
  • Expert strategy with paid search campaigns shows measurable results of an increase of customers through an increase of people finding your website through their search engines. Determine the best performing keywords by putting them in separate trackable campaigns.
  • Paid search starts with an expert strategy by your?PPC Agency?based on the multiple goals of your site?s visitors and finishes with measurably increased sales as the final result.

Using pay per click marketing strategies requires expert knowledge based on strategic placement of advertising material.

Download our free eBook, Utilizing PPC, to gain education and intelligence for your PPC Agency to achieve success with insights into how to effectively utilize this marketing strategy for your company.

This free eBook shows you how to use paid search methods to attract more potential customers through building your website to draw these potential buyers to your landing page, which then links them to the specific services they require.

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, call-to-action mapping and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and traditional media allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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