PPC Agency: Setting Your PPC Goals

PPC Agency Goal Setting for PPCPPC Agency Advice: How to Set Achievable PPC Goals

-Whether you are using a PPC agency or managing the PPC marketing yourself, you should always take time to carefully consider what you look to accomplish of your PPC goals.

Since every business is different, your goals should be customized for your unique business needs. The following guidelines will help you establish the most attainable and profitable PPC campaign goals.

  1. Make Your Goals Achievable but Challenging?
    • All of your goals for your PPC campaign must be attainable and realistic. At the same time, your goals should make your reach far beyond your grasp by offering a challenge.
    • If your goals are too simple, you will not profit or your business will not see the benefits that it should from the PPC agency.
    • The right goal should challenge and inspire you and your team to go beyond what you have already done to achieve it. This can only be attained with the right tactics and strategy mixed in with a little relentless tenacity. The appropriate goal should pull you out of your comfort zone.
  2. Establish Goals of Varying Lengths
    • A common practice of any PPC agency is to set goals of varying lengths. Establishing both short-term and long-term goals is a great idea because of the symbiotic relationship the two share. You can use the short-term goals as benchmarks for larger and more account level goals.
    • It is important to ensure that your goals are all aligned by making parallel comparisons and similar timeframes.
  3. Focus on Results, Not on Input
    • Simply put, your PPC goals should focus on the results of your efforts and not what you put in . In other words, your goals shouldn’t focus on what you do to attain them, instead it should focus solely on the results.
    • For example, if your goal is “increase my keyword count to 300,” you are focusing on the input and not the results.
    • The better goal would be, “In June, we will increase sales by 5 percent and increase our conversion rate by 3 percent.”
    • Once the goals have been established, then you should determine which tactics are necessary to help you attain those goals.
  4. Baselines and Stretches
    • The most effective PPC agency uses several motivating tactics when managing paid search. Establishing goal tiers is commonly used by the most highly effective PPC agency.
    • Baseline goals are excellent for setting the threshold for measuring success.
    • Stretch goals are used by the most effective PPC agency as a marker to blowing the set goal out of the water.
    • Your baseline goals can be viewed as a challenge that results in a pat on the back for achieving. Achieving the stretch goal should result in confetti or something similar to winning the NBA Championship.
  5. Continually Review Performance
    • The most effective PPC agency will review the campaign from month to month. Once the performance has been reviewed, this information becomes the standard for creating objectives.
    • In addition to monthly analysis, the most effective PPC agency also reviews performance at a quarter-to-quarter and a year-over-year perspective.
    • When reviewing quarterly and annual goals, make sure you consider the effect of performance exceptions. For example, if you ran a sale, it would cause your performance to spike.
  6. Make a Goal Document
    • When you write your goals down, you make yourself much more accountable.
  7. Analyze Goal Performance
    • Undoubtedly, every PPC agency will always offer goal performance analysis. The object is to examine the practices that either helped you attain the goal, tweak, and repeat those practices. If you failed to attain your goal, you should also be able to identify those practices and refrain from using them again.

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