PPC Agency Tips For Better Account Management

PPC Agency Tips To Keep You Sane

-Some businesses have such large and complex PPC accounts that it becomes quite a burden to optimize them for complete effectiveness. Even if the campaigns are set up along tight thematic lines, the account structure can make you lose your mind!


Whether you’re managing your PPC efforts yourself or you employ a large team, the very nature of PPC means tons of firefighting, ad testing and an endless pursuit of good results.

In order to keep things manageable, you need to decide how much you can handle. If you’re the lone wolf responsible for your company’s PPC, SEO, social media and PR — chances are you’re not going to be able to take on a whole lot.

Assessing how much you can do is important in manageability. The more under-control you keep your PPC accounts, the easier it will be to ad test, gather conversion data and manage negative matches.

PPC Agency Tip: Organizing by Product or Vertical

Organizing your PPC account by product or vertical is one of the most popular organizational structures. By having one campaign per product helps keep your keywords and ads highly relevant. This of course, helps your quality score and click-through rates.

PPC Agency Tip: Organizing by User Intention

PPC Agency Tips | CTRBesides the traditional structure, you can organize your account by user intention. You can divide customers by their location in the purchasing funnel.

For example:

  • Customers might click on keywords such as “What is…” and “Related products” if they are in the researching phase.
  • Customers who are deciding between products might click on “product reviews” and “compare to” keywords
  • Customers who are ready to buy might click on “product sale” and “buy product”

This approach allows you to optimize bids and allocate budget towards those specific keywords. This typically results in higher conversion rates.

PPC Agency Tip: Organizing Geographically

It is always encouraged to separate your campaigns by region/country. This allows you to set bids according to value of leads from a certain area. It also allows you to effectively use “day parting”. This means if you want to target after-work hours you can separate those out across certain countries, because they are in different time zones.

Do your research before setting up geographic targeted campaigns. A Geographic Performance report provides you with geo-targeted performance statistics for ads by approximated geographic origin. This helps identify:

  • High performing locations: focus keywords and budgets in these areas
  • Low performing locations: bid lower with smaller daily budgets. Minimize your spending on these
PPC Agency Tip: Organizing by Match Type

PPC Agency | BudgetsSeparating campaigns by exact and broad match keywords allows you to control the portions of your budget towards a list of keywords. For example, if you are selling women’s shoes, a broad match would be choosing “shoes” as the keyword. You may get men, women and children viewing your ad so your click through rate will be lower.

It is recommended to spend about 25% of your budget on these broader campaigns.

PPC Agency Tip: Organizing by Top Performers

Split top performing keywords into separate campaigns. By pulling them into their own campaigns, you can get a better feel for performance changes and ad testing becomes more measurable. It also allows you to set aside a budget for keywords you know will perform well and create a separate budget for new keywords and sales avenues.

PPC Agency Tip: Organizing by Goal

You most likely have multiple goals for your visitors. Some you might want to simply subscribe to your blog, others to partner with you and then those who you want to purchase. Setting up your PPC account based on goal types makes a lot of sense. Rather than organizing by user intention, you can organize by goal to avoid confusing campaign level negative keywords (use partner in partner campaign and subscribe to the subscription campaign.).

About Your Sanity…

None of these tips are a surefire way to achieve success. It means testing, evaluating and maybe combining a few to truly see what works for you and your business. Remember, you don’t have to go insane – there is always help out there. Consider employing a PPC agency for assistance.

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