PPC Management: 7 Ways to Manage a Low-Budget Adwords Account

Google’s Powerful Tools Can Assist With Adwords PPC Management

ppc management– With the right PPC management, small budget campaigns can still utilize Adwords and reap the benefits. To make full use of the Adwords platform you need to make the most of traditional marketing tools like branding as well as learning the ins and outs of all of Google’s public data sets which make high quality psychographic statistics and analytics freely available.

  1. Optimize Ad Units There are a plethora of different Adwords ad units available for marketers today. There are traditional web-centric ads like those in the?Display Network as well as innovative new types of mobile ads and?Search Network?ads. Even for a veteran of the Adwords platform it is?good?to learn about the new types of ads available.?Google makes this as simple as possible with online courses that walk you through the basics of creating an Adwords campaign and monitoring and refining ads.
  2. Keyword Planner Finding the right keywords is the cornerstone of PPC Management. Thankfully Google Adwords has a powerful Keyword Planner that can help you find the right keywords for your campaign, find new keywords and obtain traffic statistics and estimates
  3. Testing for Success One of the great innovations in modern business is the application of scientific testing to measure the effectiveness of products and marketing campaigns. Using Adwords Campaign Experiments(ACE) is a quick and effective way of implementing quality tests for your campaign.
  4. Branding The goal of PPC Management is not just to sell one product at a time or to get one clickthrough. It is to build a lasting brand that will generate Prospects and Leads for many years to come. Adwords is a tremendous tool for building a brand. It gives you a number of measuring tools to monitor important brand metrics like customer engagement and reach.
  5. Zeitgeist Google publishes an annual interactive guide to the previous year’s top searches and trends called Zeitgeist. The 2013 edition of Zeitgeist was recently released and it is a veritable crystal ball which shows you what was trending in your local community and around the world, helping you shape your PPC Management strategy to fit your company’s brand and products.
  6. Analytics If you want a birds-eye view of who’s interested in your product there is no tool more important than Google Analytics. Analytics will tell you who is searching for you, where they are finding you on the web and how long they stick around your website so you know which demographics to focus your marketing campaigns on. Absorbing all the information in? Google Analytic’s Training and Certification program should be a top priority for any web professional and marketer who wants PPC Management success.
  7. Think Insights Google collects huge tranches of data spanning every business sector. Think Insights is Google’s hub for information on a wide variety of?industries such as advertising, healthcare and tech. It features?articles and infographics chronicling the evolution of online advertising as it applies to individual industries. Making use of this revolutionary access to data can take your PPC Management strategy to the next level.

Taking advantage of all the PPC Management tools available on Google, from the tools in Adwords such as the Keyword Planner and the Adwords Campaign Experiments tool to the Analytics and industry Insights tools is the key to Google ad unit success. To stay in the game in 2014 you need to employ all of Google’s tools to maximize the efficacy of your PPC Management strategy.

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