PPC Management: How Can Law Firms Utilize PPC for Lead-Gen?

PPC Management: Key to Law Firm Growth

keys to ppc– One of the most powerful and misunderstood advertising tools available to your law firm is pay per click advertising. PPC ads work on a simple principle.

You don’t pay unless they deliver viewers to your website or landing page. This makes them powerful and productive lead generation tools. Used wrong, though, they can be expensive, ineffective and potentially derail your Inbound Marketing campaign..

An Introduction to PPC Advertising

PPC systems like Google AdWords work on a simple principle. You bid for clicks. When you create a campaign, you set up a budget and the maximum amount that you are willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

The system then compares your bid to bids from other sites and compares your ad’s content to see which is more likely to get clicked. If you match the criteria, your ad gets displayed and, if the user clicks on it, you pay for the click.

PPC Management Tactics

Creating a PPC campaign is relatively simple, but making it impact your bottom-line requires a PPC management strategy. While the strategy for every law firm will differ, here are some PPC management tactics that may help you achieve greater levels of success.

  • Select popular keywords. For instance, if you describe yourself as a “barrister and counselor,” even though you’re in the US, it’s unlikely that those keywords would yield many hits since most American clients think of you as a “lawyer” or “attorney.”
  • Focus keywords. If you work as a personal injury attorney, you might be tempted to set up a PPC campaign around that key phrase. However, think of how your users would search for you. It’s more likely that someone would want an attorney close to home, making a “personal injury attorney in Springfield” a better key phrase. People in PPC management refer to these keywords as “long tail searches.”
  • Choose search ads, not display. Many PPC networks let you choose between having your ads show up with search results or show up on pages that display ads on the site. Generally, you will find the best leads when you target Search ads. Also, since they show up less often, you can usually stretch your budget out to cover more time. Given that you might have limited capacity for new clients, this could be a better PPC management strategy.
  • Create good copy. PPC ads might be short, but they still need to be compelling. Including your keywords can be a good PPC management trick to make your ads more effective. Remember that if you don’t get clicks, you won’t get prospects. Higher quality keyworded ads are also more likely to get shown.

The Next Step

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