Product Demo: Are you Using HubSpot to its Potential?

Get the Most with a HubSpot Product Demo

With all the talk about online marketing and the benefits it provides small business, for?many business owners using traditional marketing methods, it can be?a bit overwhelming. Many that decide to migrate online are suddenly thrown into a world of landing pages, SEO, calls-to action and social media.

HubSpot Product Demo PotentialOnline marketing can be confusing. Building an effective strategy and understanding each marketing component and its effective use takes time. Then someone tells them about HubSpot and they take a HubSpot product demo. The software is elegant, and addresses all of the elements of crafting an effective campaign from content creation, to attracting traffic and closing sales.

After taking a HubSpot product demo, you?ll see that HubSpot offers a great set of tools for online marketing and analytics that provides an integrated all in one approach. Often however, after making the initial investment, that same business owner will simply add a few buttons to their website and wait for the software to work miracles.

It won?t.

HubSpot?s power lies in the integration of the components. You need to use and understand all of the functionality of HubSpot, especially the power of the analytics tools. Let?s take a quick look at some of the various components HubSpot offers businesses.

  • Blogging and SEO Tools – Blogging drives traffic and generates qualified leads. HubSpot?s Blogging Tool has integrated SEO optimization. HubSpot?s SEO tool gives you instruction on how to improve your content for search as you create it! Because algorithms evolve constantly, HubSpot is always updating their SEO component. As the rules change so does HubSpot?s SEO tool.
  • Social Media Tools ? Social Media engagement is critical to sales growth in today?s online world. HubSpot?s Social Tools allow you to track your customer?s relationship with your business from their first interaction to the first sale. With HubSpot, you can track where your leads come from and understand your marketing?s ROI.
  • Content Management System ? HubSpot?s CMS Tool ties content into your marketing system optimizing it for search, and mobile and allows you to custom deliver website content to meet the needs of each visitor.
  • Lead Management ? As your online efforts begin to produce more leads, HubSpot?s lead management tool allows you to consolidate all lead information into one database that is integrated with its other tools. This allows your sales team to tailor their closing pitch based on the customer?s history on your website.
  • Landing Pages and Call to Action Tools ? Landing pages are where you convert visitors into leads by using strong call-to-action messages. HubSpot?s Landing Page component customizes your page based upon your visitor?s history.? CTAs are designed to improve conversions and add relevance to your user?s experience. Creating effective Landing Pages with HubSpot?s tool is easy and integration with the CTA tool makes it even more powerful.
  • Analytics ? The most useful and powerful HubSpot tool, Analytics, can show you which marketing efforts are working, and which aren?t. Improving your site depends on gathering and understanding marketing data. By integrating Analytics to work with every other component, HubSpot provides the most in-depth analysis available.

The power HubSpot offers comes from taking advantage of all the integrated tools at your disposal. The Analytics component gives you in depth customer data and profiles, and can become a valuable tool for planning future campaigns. HubSpot automates your online marketing so visitors are taken through your lead funnel in a way that is personalized!

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