Product Demo: Top HubSpot Integrations

HubSpot Product Demo and Best Tools

Every successful business manager understands the role of integration ? to facilitate everything else. Just think about all the various services you use today to stay competitive in your industry, and how important it is to have them at your fingertips.? From customer relationship management to webinar tools, HubSpot lends these platforms a cohesiveness that benefits both ends.?With that said, consider the following top integrations:

  1. hubspot product demo integrationVideo Promotion with Wisteria

Video marketing, for obvious reasons, is big ? and getting bigger. Learn how the HubSpot product demo works with Wisteria integration to optimize your videos. Everything from user-generated heat-maps, to custom reports for viewer counts on your videos is available. What better way to keep the sales team tuned into how effective each webinar or video is with the public?

  1. Bolster Your E-Commerce with Shopify Integration

The closest thing to a CRM without being classified as one, HubSpot?s Shopify integration gives your sales team everything they could ask for, delivered in a nice package. Customers can be separated by a host of characteristics, with support tools such as emails, post-purchase surveys and more.

  1. Content is King

With the recent updates to Google?s Search algorithm, content features are stronger than ever. In fact, it drives your business today as far as SEO is concerned. Integrate with HubSpot to reap all the benefits of having top-notch writers help solidify your brand and extend its reach. See the HubSpot product demo to learn more about the scope of its abilities.

  1. A Force to Be Reckoned with ? Salesforce Integration

If you?re not taking advantage of Salesforce, then you?re losing business ? it?s that simple. HubSpot integrates with every version of this premier software suite seamlessly, so that your enterprise can benefit from the marriage of marketing and sales to produce optimal results. Additionally, the sync function makes sure it all runs smoothly.

  1. SnapEngage Integration

Interact with your visitors in real-time with SnapEngage; it allows you to answer questions almost instantly, giving a community feel to your business operations. By integrating this with HubSpot, you ratchet-up your list management and manipulation abilities to yourself and the end-user, providing a better experience.

  1. Invoca for Calls

Don?t get caught aligning all your resources with the online space; phone calls are still quite popular as a means of customer conversion. Invoca realizes this, and provides a medium for tracking offline customer calls. Integrate Invoca with HubSpot for all the expected support services, which include lead segmentation, automatic personalized emails at the conclusion of a call, and more. Your sales team will thank you for it.

  1. SurveyMonkey for Stats

Integrating SurveyMonkey with HubSpot makes it easy to align the next phase of your inbound marketing strategy with survey responses. Customer satisfaction polls are right at your fingertips, allowing you to identify negative responses and send them off to account managers for a solution. Best of all, the integration ensures that your clients won?t receive surveys in which they?ve expressed disinterest.

If you?re using high-quality content marketing as the base of your inbound marketing platform, as well as customer relationship management and other tools, then it?s time to consider letting them all talk to each other to increase your efficiency. CRM is all about maximizing the customer?s satisfaction, and merging this with HubSpot?s system gives your marketing team so many more tools to help them with this goal. The following HubSpot product demo is a one-stop solution to the desired integration, and is just a click away.

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