ROI Marketing - Conversion Websites

ROI Marketing-Conversion Means Return on Investment

How to Make Your Website Pay Dividends

ROI Marketing or at least the concept of Return on Investment, applied to hiring a new salesperson, usually makes sense to a business owner:

?I hire a salesperson at$40,000 per year in base salary. I hope to pay even more in commissions. ?Success means more sales for the company and more commissions for the salesperson.

I?m happy when the salesperson earns $75,000 or even $100,000 because that means he is selling and I am making money.

If my compensation structure is designed properly, the company realizes a positive ROI by investing in that salesperson.?

ROI Marketing- Turn your website into a full-time salesperson.

What if you were able to hire a salesperson that worked 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? ?This salesperson never complained, never called in sick and never asked for a day off. ??This salesperson would bring in more business, and the right kind of business; your most profitable kind?? You?d hire that person in a minute!

No more rolling the dice on the next good interviewee.

ROI Marketing - Conversion Websites

Quit Rolling The Dice On Interviewees

Re-consider your ROI Marketing by considering an investment in a website ?Conversion Machine.?? As a good business person, you look for the return on every business investment..

By investing in a Website and Inbound Marketing System that together become a Conversion Machine, you can realize a measurable marketing ROI. ?Managed properly over time, this may be the best investment you will ever make in your business.

What?s a Conversion Machine?

The concept of the Conversion Machine is based upon the fact that just having a static website alone is not enough to produce a satisfactory return on investment.? Visitors who come to your site basically fall into four categories:

  • Browsers
  • Researchers
  • Shoppers
  • Buyers

A Conversion Machine differentiates itself from a traditional website by ?integrating Content Management Software and a dynamic Call-To-Action Plan.

When designed strategically and executed smartly, the website Conversion Machine is designed to move each type of Visitor to take action in a specific manner that leads to an ultimate objective. ?This is known as creating conversion.? Visitors become Leads. ?Leads become Customers.

ROI Marketing - Conversion Websites

ROI Marketing-Measurable Results

ROI Marketing ? Measurable Results

A Conversion Machine is designed to do four things:

Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Paid Search with Best Practices for Inbound Marketing ?Content Strategy.

Sharing carefully crafted content with a CTA Map & Plan that naturally nurtures each type of Visitor to closer to a Conversion based on the Visitors? needs and the actions they perform on your site.

Knowing when it?s time to create an appropriate opportunity for those that are ready to make a decision to buy to be able to do so. Many times this occurs offline, after Marketing delivers a Market Qualified Lead to Sales.

Always following up with customers so that they are pleased with their experience. ?Automating the response based on customer habits encourages a return visit, creating opportunities for future purchases/conversions. Social sharing options allow Customers to easily refer your business to everyone in their social circles.

ROI Marketing-Analysis

A Conversion Machine designed with the best Inbound Marketing Practices offers an incredible measurement capability allowing you to measure and score leads. You can now easily track conversions. Track Leads that become sales and do the math.

Now you know what?s working and what is not.

Proper analytics using Inbound Key Performance Indicators?(KPI’s) allow you to make real-time adjustments? to your website. ?You can constantly monitor & improve performance. Analytics will help you discern how to attract better visitors who are looking for exactly what you have to offer, converting them into interested Leads that can be nurtured into high quality Customers.? The rate at which this conversion occurs can all be managed and improved because every visit and action taken by every visitor is reported and analyzed.

Now you?ll know will know which parts of your digital marketing effort work!

ROI Marketing using an Inbound Marketing Strategy makes sense.

Instead of rolling the dice with another new salesperson, confidently allocate the same level of investment toward transforming your website into a Conversion Machine.

To learn more about how a Conversion Machine can give you phenomenal ROI Marketing results, the first step is grading your website:

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