SEO Company Tips: Author Rank and Its Effect on SEO

An SEO Company That Utilizes Author Rank Creates A Conversion Machine

– Consumers behavior has demanded a change in basic marketing tactics. Successful businesses (including any SEO Company worth their salt) have been listening.

Author Rank is one of the newest factors that affects your online presence. This isn’t a sweep-under-the-rug, Google whim. It now plays a huge role in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). ?The Inbound Marketing Strategy from your SEO Company?should harness the potential power of Author Rank and position your content to continue to attract Visitors, Prospects and Leads.

The SEO Company Breakdown: Targeted Internet Marketing

SEO Company

Inbound Kicks Cold
Calling To The Door

Whether your focus is Business-to-Business Lead Generation (B2B Lead Gen) or a smaller, specific market, Targeted Internet Marketing allows your ideal customers to find you. Successful Inbound Marketing designed by a professional SEO Company kicks the low result days of cold calling to the door. Since its inception, Content Marketing has maximized your business? marketing efficiency by attracting customers to you rather than hunting them down.

The SEO Company Breakdown: How Author Rank Works

The Author Rank system determines how qualified the author of your blog posts and articles is. ?There are three factors upon which this is?based:

  • Authors Qualifications
  • Authors Reputation
  • Authors Expertise

This ranking is then used to determine the position of your website in a potential Client or Prospect?s search results. These three factors can be influenced by a variety of things, including:

  • How often your author?s content is shared.
  • How quickly your author?s content is shared
  • How many comments your author?s content receives
  • How many times your author?s content gets a ?+1? (a readers Google+ endorsement).
  • The other parties who engage with your author?s content.

SEO Company

You Should Be
For Joy
Over Author Rank!

The SEO Company Breakdown: Author Rank Enhances Content Marketing

The backbone of any Inbound Marketing campaign is a strong Content Strategy that harnesses the power of high quality content. In reality, you and your SEO Company should be jumping for joy over Author Rank.?It gives your fantastic content an advantage. Moz went so far as to say: Author Rank?s effect on your SEO presence is so significant it can be thought of as a penalty designed for anonymously published and/or low quality content.

The SEO Company Breakdown: How To Develop Authors With Strong Author Rank

Whether you and your SEO Company are using in-house writers or external contract employees, take the time to develop them into authors with a strong Author Rank. Here are three factors can help you and your SEO Company develop authors with a strong Author Rank.

  • Good Coaching ? Creating valuable content does not just happen overnight. Work with your writers to create copy that always answers a question and/or solves a reader’s problem.
  • Give Your Writers Bylines ? Simply publishing an article under your business? name may help you get fresh content on your site, but, it will not help you author?s Author Rank. Make sure to give them a byline.
  • Allocate Time ? For your authors to receive a high Author Rank they must have quality content. Beyond coaching, this requires time. They need time to research facts and time to draft material.

Your SEO Company is the SEO expert, but your industry specific knowledge is where the quality content comes from. Understanding SEO, how it works, the latest trends and best practices helps you maximize your marketing budget. So, you’ll want to partner with an SEO company that’s a proven performer.

What factors beyond Author Rank affect your SEO presence? How can you maximize your Content Marketing Strategy to attract new Leads and develop new Customers? What turns your website into a Conversion Machine?

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