SEO Service: Google is an Algorithm, But SEO is Human

Optimizing for Search Engines is Only Half the Battle

– Everyone has used Google search to find information on the internet. However, few people understand?how this technology works. It seems that you type in the keyword or phrase you?re interested in and your computer magically tells you the names of websites that have relevant research for your topic.

The Google Algorithm

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At the end of the day, SEO efforts should be based on human nature

The Googlebot, known in layman?s terms as a spider, reviews web pages and gives them a ranking based on several factors. The number of times a keyword is used and the number of hits the page receives are key factors to the page?s ranking. This is modified by the amount of other pages that link to the page, how long the page has existed as well as the amount of other websites that link to the page. The more relevant links, the better. Beyond these major factors, hundreds of less important factors are used to determine the PageRank, a proprietary term of Google used to describe the page?s overall importance. A professional SEO Service is aware of these factors in determining how to set up your site.

This information is stored in the Google indexer, which further reduces all letters to lower case and eliminates common non-descriptive terms such as ?the? or ?and? that do little to refine a search. When you enter a word or phrase the Google algorithm draws up the relative website pages and places them in order of their PageRank on the results page you see.

Human Nature and the SEO Service

Aseo servicen SEO Service knows the Best Practices used to?generate search results and determine your Inbound Marketing solutions. This Solution relies partially on knowledge of the Google algorithm?s workings to determine the best keywords for your page and their placement. The SEO Service further accounts for human nature with knowledge of how people tend to search for ideas online. This includes common terms people tend to use when searching for different types of information mixed with keywords specific to what your site offers.

Beyond simply the attraction of your website, a good SEO Service also considers the metrics of conversion to attract not only the people that are casually interested in the information on your page but also potential customers for your company?s product or service. This brings your site a good ratio of people browsing the internet for general information along with people searching for specific knowledge of the product or service your company provides and the people who are actually ready to make the purchase.

Human Nature

You understand the difference between the Google algorithm and the human nature of searching as well as the importance of hiring a professional SEO Service to help build your webpage. Learn more about how this process works with a free eBook and its description about how to get online content out to as many potential customers as possible:

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