SERP Checker: 4 Ways to Improve Your Meta Descriptions

Creating Compelling Messages That Rock The SERP Checker World

– SERP is shorthand for Search Engine Results Page. It is the snapshot of what a potential Visitor sees when they type a query into a search engine such as Google. This snapshot is made up of three main things:

  • The Prospect?s query
  • A collection of website?s which are organically deemed relevant
  • A collection of paid listings

A lot of factors go into how and where your website is listed in the SERP. Getting your site on page one, or better yet on top of the list, is fantastic. But, your job is not done there. A SERP Checker is about more than that. To truly turn your website into a Conversion Machine, you need Prospects to visit your site. This is where rock star meta descriptions are so vital.

SERP Checker: Why Are Meta Descriptions So Important

serp checkerMeta descriptions are the short blurb about your site which appear beneath your website?s title within a SERP. They are either provided by you or generated by Google. If you fail to give Google a pre-defined meta description, it will generate one for you by pulling text from your site. This could be the first sentence on your page or a random bit of info deemed more relevant.

While your title can speak volumes about who you are and what you do, your meta description is your first opportunity to tell your story. Google might pull the perfect bit of text that engages Prospects and attracts Visitors to click on you. They could also pull gobbledegook.

SERP Checker: Ways To Rock Your Meta Descriptions

SERP Checker ? Meta Description Tip 1: 155 Characters

On average, Google displays 150 ? 160 character meta descriptions. If your meta description is too long, it will get cut off mid-sentence. This delivers a partial, potentially unclear message to your Prospects.

SERP Checker ? Meta Description Tip 2: Articulate Your Value

Every meta description you write should answer the Visitor?s question, ?Why do I care?? Visitors want to know what is in it for them. They want to know why your site is worth their time. What of value are you offering? So, tell them!

SERP Checker ? Meta Description Tip 3: Use a Call-To-Action

Call-To-Actions (CTAs) are not just tools to use on your website. They are vital for your meta descriptions as well. They invite Prospects to actually visit. They say directly, we are offering you X if you do Y and here is Y.

SERP Checker ? Meta Description Tip 4: Test. Monitor. Adapt.

There is a reason basketball players practice free throws and writers re-write their first drafts ? it takes time to hone our skills. Chances are pretty good the first meta descriptions you write are not going to just knock it out of park. That is okay. Try new ones. Monitor how they perform. Tweak them. Monitor some more. Use your analytics to adapt to what your Visitors want.

How is your website performing? What could you be doing differently to improve your SERP results and meta descriptions? Get your website graded today:

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