SERP Checker: 8 SEO Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

The Top SEO Mistakes from the SERP Checker

Many business owners make?a big mistake when it comes to their SEO ranking strategy. It?s a common assumption that your SEO rank is all about keyword optimization. Often, you?ll make the effort to carefully choose and properly use relevant keywords and phrases, then run your website through a SERP checker only to find you?re not ranking as well as you thought. It?s critically important to understand that SEO strategy is about much more than proper keyword usage.

To avoid search engine penalties, increase your SEO ranking?and become a trustworthy source of information on the ever-growing Internet, avoid these eight common SEO mistakes:

1.?Not?Registering with Alternative Search Engines -?While it?s imperative to register with Google, don?t ignore the ?other? search engines. Bing and Yahoo, while not as popular are still important and should not be overlooked! According to the website?Statistic Brain, Google commands 69% of the search market; Yahoo and Bing come in with a combined total of nearly 30%!SERP Checker SEO Mistakes

2.?Linking with Low Quality Sites -?Google?s current algorithm measures a variety of factors beyond keyword usage. Factors like trust, authority and expertise figure highly in SERP checker scores. Read through Googles guidelines on Penguin and Panda and you?ll see these terms used often. Website links pointing to and originating from your site affect your ranking. Set up link exchanges only with sites that provide value and relevance for your readers.

3.?Internal Links Matter -?Internal linking consists of linking the pages within a domain. These links help users navigate your site and help establish content hierarchy.Internal linking makes your site easily visible to search engine spiders. Internal linking allows search engines to index your site effectively and is a major factor engines to establish search ranking.

4.?Not Canonicalizing -?Canonicalization is the term used when?refering to multiple URLs pointing to the same page. For example, if a visitor can access your homepage using various URLs (http: or?http:://, etc), search engines may misread these as being separate pages. To avoid this you must redirect the alternative URLs to your websites?primary URL.

5.?Multiple 404 Errors -?If your site has multiple 404 errors, Google?deems this a quality issue and it will negatively impact your ranking. Check your pages for bad links often. Some SERP checker sites scan your page for broken links. Google Webmaster Tools also offers an easy way to check for ?not found? errors.

6.?Page Load Speeds – Load time not only affects your ranking, it?s a common source of lost traffic! Search engines rank faster loading websites higher. Load times are especially important on mobile. The solution is to optimize graphic intensive, rich media, and video files, and use responsive design techniques when designing for mobile.

7.?Missing Graphics Tags, Bad File Names -?Search engines only ?see? graphic images is if they are properly tagged using ?alt? tags. If you?re not labeling your photos or using generic files names (image-1. jpg) then you?re losing an opportunity to improve your ranking.

8.?Take Advantage of Google Authorship -?One Google priority is connecting thought leaders to their online identities. The basic fundamental principle of Authorship is to link your Google+ profile to any published content like blog posts, or guest blog articles.These links raise your personal profile and your ranking.

Fixing these common mistakes can help your website get found by customers as well as improve your ranking. Contact us today for a free Inbound Marketing Assessment. ?We’ll?give you an overall grade for your?digital marketing, identifying areas of improvement.

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, PPC campaigns and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and?traditional media?allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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