SERP Checker: Is Google Authorship Still Around?

Google Authorship Isn’t Dead. See the SERP Checker.

Google Authorship has proved to be a great way for bloggers to gain authority for their work. As with all things Google, change is pretty much a given. The short answer to the question ?Is Google Authorship still around,? is yes, but it?s a little different.?John Mueller, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst recently announced a major change in the search criteria for Authorship. Google has dropped the profile photo and circle count from its search results. Mueller assured readers that the ?click through? behavior on the new less cluttered design was similar.

Does This Change Effect ?Author Rank??SERP Checker Authorship

The truth is, there really isn?t and never was an Author Rank. The fact is, while Google Authorship works as a means of establishing and developing thought leadership, no one really knows if it?s a factor in their ranking algorithm. If you run your site through any SERP checker, you?ll be given your PageRank and other relevant information.? It doesn?t matter which SERP checker you use, you?ll never see a line item for Author Rank.? Google does factor authority and influence into its PageRank, but there has never been and most likely never will be ?a ?formal? author ranking.

While some experts may try to tell you that Author Rank is the new game in town, not one of those experts can explain how it works.? PageRank is a patented process (US Patent 6,285,999). There is no patent for AuthorRank either on file or pending. So the best way to influence ranking, is still the ?old fashioned? way.

Create Relevant Content

It?s not rocket science. The best way to establish page rank is through relevance and perceived?value. Top marketers understand that today:

  • Buyers look for information before reaching a buying decision
  • Sellers and marketers must answer prospects questions in a timely manner, provide value, address pain points and build a relationship
  • They must create relevant content to help lead potential customers to an informed buying decision
  • Any interaction with buyers should work to build loyalty, earn word-of-mouth through value, relevant?content and customer service

While it is important to understand search basics, the tried and true method of influencing rank relies on creating value for customers,?establishing trust, and building authority through well written, original, relevant content.

Keyword, Tags and Titles

While Google?s Authorship may have changed, content creation best practices haven?t.? Keywords and phrases still carry weight with regards to PageRank.? Search is all about words and how you use them. Picking keywords that are relevant to the topic will rank your content higher. Research using Google AdWords to help identify relevant keywords and multi-word phrases.

Search engines rely on ?spiders? to index content on the web. These spiders crawl around the web searching for titles and tags to identify and rank websites. This is where you want to insert your keywords. Many content management systems have tools built in to help you correctly create these tags and titles.

The most important thing is to remember to focus on your readers. The best way to achieve PageRank is to focus on the fundamentals. Create relevant content, title and tag your pages properly and research relevant keywords and you?ll be fine. Google will always evolve and change, but best practices still apply.

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