SERP Checker: The Power of the Keyword Tool

Rank in the SERPs by Targeting the Right Keywords

serp checker– There are no shortcuts in Inbound Marketing if you want to attract Visitors, turn those Visitors into Prospects, those Prospects into Leads, and finally, those Leads into Customers. Inbound Marketing does separate the “wheat from the chaff,” to be sure, in that instead of wasting time trying to go out and get Customers ? some of whom won’t be interested in what you have to offer ? you bring only truly interested people to you.

However, you can’t attract those people if search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t? well, optimal. Your efforts there must lie in tracking, analyzing, and improving your search engine optimization Strategy so that your Inbound Marketing efforts are as effective as possible. You start by determining where you are, and then where you need to improve. One of the means to do this is by using a powerful tool known as a SERP Checker.

Questions the SERP Checker can answer

1. How well do your keywords currently rank and perform?

How well do your keywords stack up against other Companies’ in search engine rankings and results pages? How much do you stand out from the others in your niche? The SERP Checker lets you see what your listing position is right now.

2. How much organic search traffic do you get?

The SERP Checker shows you how much traffic comes from organic searches daily, weekly, and monthly.

3. How many Conversions come from organic searches?

The SERP Checker can tell how many of your Visitors came to your website through organic searches (via search engines) and then convert to Leads or Customers?

4. Which unique search terms attract traffic to you?

The SERP Checker gives you a complete listing of keyword phrases that Visitors use to find your site, and how much of that is organic traffic. Use generic but relevant keyword phrases (not the name of your business or product/service brand names) to attract organic traffic.

5. How many inbound links do you have?

How many people are linking back to you from sites on the Internet? The SERP Checker also lets you see further data pertaining to each inbound link.

Once you’ve answered these questions

Analyze your data from the SERP Checker and figure out which search terms are driving the most qualified Prospects to your site

The SERP Checker tells you what you’re doing right, and where you’re falling short. Which terms have attracted truly relevant traffic (that ultimately will become Leads and then Customers) to your site?

  • Create relevant content that will produce more inbound links and more qualified Conversions

Now, focus your SEO efforts on creating relevant content and producing more inbound links around keyword phrases that will keep driving truly qualified Visitors to your site. Prioritize specific keyword phrases so that you can focus on those phrases that truly work and will help you grow your business.

The “closed loop” perspective

The “closed loop” perspective makes you think about not just what content will give you better rankings in the search engine pages, but also that that content will actually convert organic Visitors into Leads that you can nurture into Customers. A number one position on search engine pages will certainly get you seen, but that will do nothing for you if you don’t follow up with monetization strategies to foster lead generation. Optimize content around your central keyword phrase so that your position is improved, but make sure to include a keyword related offer that entices and encourages Prospects to become Leads, too.

Need to improve your websites Inbound Marketing capabilities? A free Website and SERP Grader analysis can help you get started:

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