SERP Checker: What Does SERP Position Have to Do With Your Website?

SERP as a Competitive?Guideline?

– The term “SERP”?is an acronym for the phrase “Search Engine Results Page.” An essential component of digital marketing, SERP combines:

  • the user’s (buyer’s) original product-query (“Search”) with
  • organic?SERP listings, based on Google’s Analytical Metrics of all displayed sites’ relevancy to the Query, and
  • Sponsored links, paid Internet advertisements for the products or services in question.

SERP Checker for Rankings Data

serp checkerWithin this context, SERP Rankings represent the position a Firm’s online advertisement has relative to competitors; a SERP Checker assesses SERP Rankings, to provide a Firm an accurate idea of its digital accessibility when consumers search for its goods online.

SERP?Checker processes are an integral component of Inbound Marketing Assessment, which evaluates your efficiency converting website visitors to Prospects, and then into sales leads and customers. Higher-ranked webpages are featured more prominently on Google, making them more accessible and likely targets for consumer exploration.

Recent?evidence?indicates consumers are influenced by SERP Rankings — 68% select a result from the first page of their search, with between 35%-40% of clicks going to the highest-ranked listing (, 17% to?the second and 12% to?the third. ?Furthermore, the first-page of?Websites with multiple-pages is even more statistically influential with respect to Consumer traffic and attention; 143% more clicks are garnered on the first-page than on the second.

The?SERP Checker?and SEO

In this environment, Search Engine Optimization?(SEO) is critically important to acquiring and maintaining the kind of consumer attention that leads to online sales. Regardless of SERP ranking, improving SEO-strategy is a necessity in the highly competitive arena of eCommerce. ?The effective SERP Checker provides a good indication of your keyword performance and rank.

While there are many on the market, not every available SERP Checker is equally useful. ?SERP Checker is a value-added tool that uses various online data to measure the quantity and impact of such information as crawl statistics/errors generated by your Firm’s website. ?You’ll better understand your position regarding which consumer queries most frequently land Visitors?at the site. ?As a device, the SERP Checker generates rapid investigation and analysis of your keyword-rating across multiple sites – yours in relation to your competitors.

Content and Conversions ?

serp checkerFresh content generates best-practice SEO, by providing site-visitors new material useful to them, appealing to their interests and intelligence. ?It builds consumer interest and improves SERP rankings, producing new business as well. ?The timely and relevant information generated by fresher Content better serves your visitor?s search intentions, conveying a unique, real-time, online experience, while expanding your digital presence and brand-awareness.

Your content objective is to serve the Visitor?s interests. ?Innovation, relevancy and originality are among the prime freshness factors Google seeks when formulating SERP rankings. ?These are also factors a good SERP Checker can analyze for you, pointing out areas that can be improved. ?While building your SERP Ranking, fresh content also makes it easier for Visitors to find your site, and begin the Inbound Marketing process of attracting Visitors and ultimately Converting them into paying Customers. ?Your Firm’s reward from?enhanced SEO and higher SERP Rankings is better revenues and profits.

The SERP Checker

Marketing Matters Inbound?offers SERP Checker assistance that provides all the SEO?data you need. ?It will show your keyword rank and conversions rate, as well as your level of organic search traffic and Inbound links.

If you’re not certain about these matters, or simply want to improve your own SERP performance, contact us for a free assessment of your website:

Marketing Matters Inbound?is an inbound marketing firm specializing in online conversions, content?strategy, PPC campaigns and traditional media placement. Our experience in?B2B digital?marketing?and?traditional media?allows us to deliver results through a strategic media mix. We believe in?aligning and merging marketing and sales/operations for optimal return on your marketing investment.

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