Should I Timestamp my Blogs?

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Whether you are using your blog to create a personal brand or boost the online marketing efforts of your business, understanding the art of the perfect blog post can be a challenge. One issue that arises for bloggers is whether a timestamp should be used on their posts.?After you review the information found below, a conversion rate optimization specialist can help you?determine how you can change your blogging habits to improve conversion rates.

Pros of Timestamping Blog Posts

Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist BlogThere are some compelling reasons to timestamp your blog posts, and you can review these reasons below to determine whether you will be making the timestamp associated with your post public.

  • Timestamps encourage people to follow the advice found in your blog if they see that the information is recent. Consumers who are using the Internet to conduct research want to act on the latest information possible, and timestamping your blog posts lets online buyers know that your blog article is worth the read. If you are worried about old posts falling by the wayside, you can always make updated posts when new information becomes available that can be integrated into a rewrite of an old article.
  • Placing a timestamp on blog posts that do not have staying power lets visitors know that the information they are reading is outdated. If you did not timestamp your blog posts, visitors may believe that you do not know what you are talking about because of developments that have occurred since you posted.

Cons of Timestamping Blog Post

While there are reasons to timestamp your blog posts, there are also arguments against doing so. Here is a major con?that you need to know before you make your timestamp visible.

  • If you are posting evergreen content, there will come a time when including a timestamp may cause visitors to view it as outdated information. Website visitors tend to have a natural prejudice against information that is presented in older blog posts, so including the date and time on your post could cause visitors to pass over a relevant, informative blog post for no reason other than the date.

What Should You Do?

You know that there are positive and negative points to putting a timestamp on your blog, but what should you choose in your unique situation? A conversion rate optimization specialist can show you how a timestamp is always a good idea. While information may seem evergreen, the fact is that an ever-changing society leaves little room for content that is truly relevant over the years. If you fail to place a timestamp on your blog posts, you can expect to get complaints from your readers. Those who are not complaining may just not be sticking around long enough to read what you wrote.

Now that you know how important it is to timestamp your blog, take our free Inbound Marketing Assessment to determine how successful your marketing efforts are. The results of the survey will help you learn where to focus your efforts by highlighting any gaps in your digital marketing efforts. The assessment identifies areas for improvement, and you can discuss how to make these improvements by talking to a conversion rate optimization specialist.

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