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If you’ve been in sales for any amount of time, then you know the heavy feeling of anxiety that comes with emailing a prospect. You type up a perfect email and send it out. ?Then the waiting game begins.

hubspot product demo sidekickThey don’t reply quickly. You start to wonder why they’re not calling you or replying. You wonder whether they read your email and dismissed it or if they even looked at the email at all. It’s hard to know when – or if – you should follow up.

There’s good news. HubSpot’s new sales tool, called Sidekick, has completely eliminated the sales email guessing game. Sidekick has a number of features that allow you to know when and how your prospects are engaging with your emails. It also provides helpful information about your prospect and their company, so you can get all the data you need right in your email tool of choice.

Here are some of the biggest highlights of Sidekick, which you can experience for yourself in a HubSpot software demo:

Activity notification

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Sidekick is real-time notification that your emails have been opened. When someone opens your email, a popup box appears on your monitor. It tells you who opened which email, when they opened it, and even where they were when they opened it.

You can also see what they did with the email. If you click on the notification, it will bring up the recipient’s “stream.” The stream shows a list of that recipient’s past activity, including whether they clicked on any links or opened any attachments. You can also see when they visit your website and which pages they visited, even if the visit didn’t come through an email link.

The implications of this feature should be apparent. You can now know when your prospect has opened your email, and whether they looked at any of the links or attachments that you sent. That will help you send timely follow-ups and keep the sales process moving.

View contact profiles

Sidekick also works with your CRM so you can view contact information right in your email software. When you view a contact’s activity, their name, title, and company will be listed at the top. You can expand that to show a deep amount?of information.

For example, Sidekick can show their professional history and their geographic location. It also may show any mutual connections that you have and the entire history of email exchanges between the two of you. Additionally, it can give important company information, like the business’s industry and its annual revenue.

This is clearly helpful because you can get quick info on your contact without switching back and forth between your email and your CRM. That will save you a lot of time if you are a heavy email user.

Email scheduling (planned feature)

Finally, Sidekick will soon be able to automate your email activity. It’s not available in a HubSpot software demo yet, but it will be soon.?HubSpot is planning to roll out a scheduling feature that will allow you to schedule emails in the future. When this feature is available, you’ll be able to set up your entire week or month of emails in one session. That frees up your time during the week to focus on more important activities.

For more information on Sidekick and how it can make you more productive and profitable, set up a HubSpot software?demo. We would be happy to show you all of the exciting features HubSpot and Sidekick offer. Schedule your HubSpot software demo today.

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