Simplify Your Landing Page Design

Fixing Fundamental Flaws
in Your Landing Page Design

– Roughly 175+ million websites are clamoring for attention. Your landing page design is one of three ingredients that will determine success.

In fact, your Inbound Sales are entirely dependent on this. Unfortunately, as tempting as it may be to institute every bell and whistle into your plan, best practices prove that simplifying your landing page design is what grabs attention, and more importantly, compels your visitor to learn more about you.

Landing Page DesignWhen Less is More

Every day, the average person is exposed to anywhere between 1500 and 5000 advertisements a day, Since most of us already feel inundated with sales tactics, our brains develop mechanisms to tune out most commercial messages. But, isn?t that the role of most landing pages?

Yes, but too many websites go out of their way to look like a walking billboard which only turns away potential customers. To entice your audience, you must craft your landing page design to tilt in their favor towards what you?re selling based on what the consumer’s asking for ? not by overpowering them with an aggressive overbearing sales message that makes them click away!

3 Special Rules for a Landing Page

  1. Simplify your design and navigation.

    Studies show Visitors leave a site if they cannot wrap their brain around where to go, and what to do. Visitors bombarded with too many options become frustrated. Plan the right site for the right crowd, and that means knowing thy customer. Simplify your landing page design in such a way that it banishes any barriers between the visitor and the action you require.

  2. ?Focus on one message.

    Too often, we tend to stuff multiple messages onto a single page which only confuses the customer. Too many messages take away that ?must-have? moment and gives way to hesitation. So, resist the temptation. Determine accurately and in advance what message you need to convey, and then craft your content around the benefits to your customer.

  3. Remove added distractions.

    Every landing page should be easy to read, without unnecessary page enhancements. Contrary to what many people believe, external links, widgets, and advertisements have no place in your landing page design. There?s a fine line between improving the aesthetics of your landing page design and over-powering the audience with too many reasons to visit our pages. Don?t distract visitors or provide them with reasons to leave your site.

    Rather than write aggressively, edit your landing page design aggressively.

With that list in mind, it?s time to perform the “Blink Test.” That?s where you determine if you have successfully utilized your Inbound Marketing Strategies.

Landing Page DesignStart the Stop Watch!

From the time the visitor lands on your site you have less than 10 seconds to make a great impression.

If your landing page design doesn’t compel potential customers to stick around and learn more about your products and services, then you’ve lost another sale. This mistake is so common that most entrepreneurs fail to pick up on these omissions, ultimately undermining all efforts.

This is where a good PPC Ad Agency comes in handy and helps link the internet User query for your products and services into your landing page design.

The Blink Test

So before your site goes live, give your landing page design a final “Blink Test” to ensure it makes sense. ?Display your landing page to coworkers, friends or family for 10 seconds. ?Then ask:

  • What was the offer?
  • What was the benefit of the offer?
  • What action was required?

If they can’t tell you, then you may need to go back and ask yourself:

  • Have I addressed what?s most important to the reader?
  • Will my audience understand the message I’m trying to convey?
  • Does my design persuade or motivate the audience to follow my Call-to-Action?

End users will be the final judge of a good landing page design and if you?re not achieving your desired effect, you can learn more?about landing page design by downloading our FREE eBook:

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