small business marketing

Small Business Marketing

Which one of these small business owner profiles are you?

Small Business Owner A realizes that giant corporations can out muscle him if they want to, but he also knows he can out maneuver them most of the time.? He has built his business on tried and true principles, but also knows he must stay abreast of change to keep growing and finding new business.? He isn?t afraid to try new things and?

?when he finds something that rings true, he knows it.

small business marketingHe may be a ?small? business in corporate terms, but he knows he must be ready to invest in the tools he needs to keep his business healthy and growing.? Hiring the right people has been one of his pillars of success and he has a long tenured staff to show for it.? Vision has been another pillar.? He sees that times are changing, that the internet is what is changing them and wants to be smart about how he positions his company on the web moving forward.? He has heard about Inbound Marketing and wants to know more.

Small Business Owner B likes to fly under the radar.? He prides himself in knowing how to cut corners yet still keep the doors open.? However, he misinterprets his own stubbornness for persistence. ??He keeps doing?

?the same old thing over and over expecting to get different results.?

He isn?t sure what causes his business to be busy sometimes and not others and just chalks it up to being ?seasonal? although the seasons always seem to change every year.? He has a high employee turnover rate because ?that?s the way it is? when you?re in his business.? He has a website his nephew built for $500, all he is willing to invest in the internet.? He complains about how his direct mail isn?t working anymore as he sends out another mailing.? He still advertises in the yellow pages and thinks marketing and sales are one and the same.

Please don?t bother to contact us if you are like Small Business Owner B.

However, if you think like Small Business Owner A, we would like to show you the future of your business.? Small Business Marketing has taken an unprecedented turn.? The age of Inbound Marketing is upon us.? The information age has changed the way we must do business.

What if you could hire a salesperson that in less than a year would deliver to your doorstep so many highly qualified prospects-turned-customers, that you would have more business than you could handle?? So many that you would have to choose only the most profitable and most desirable customers with which to do business.? What if every one of these prospects was all already looking for what you have to offer?? What if many of them actually already wanted to buy what you had to offer? ?? ?You?d hire her on the spot!

Your business would be crazy profitable.?

That is exactly what Inbound Marketing can do for you.? Want to learn more?

The Information Age has changed the way the world does business.? More than 82% of Americans consult the internet before making a buying decision.? If they want to know more about something, they ?Google? it.? Small business marketing has shifted from an interrupt paradigm of direct mail, email blasts, television and radio commercials to an inbound paradigm of positioning a web presence where people are looking.? What the consumer wants is more information; what is called ?content? in marketing terms.? You need to ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Does my business have a Content Strategy?
  2. Do I still have an old fashioned website or do I have an ICM?? (Internet Conversion Machine)
  3. Do I know how to use social media to cause conversion?
  4. Do I know what words and phrases people are using to search for what I have to offer on the internet?

If the answer to these questions is making you feel like you?re missing out on something, you probably are.? It may be time to learn more about Inbound Marketing and Conversion Strategy.? We invite you to poke around our website and do just that.? If we can help, just let us know.? We can set up a 30 minute brainstorming session to help you get your mind wrapped around all of it.? We hope you?re like Small Business Owner A and know a good thing when you see it.

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