Social Media Best Practices: Be Promotional without Being Promotional

Promote Yourself, But Keep These Things in Mind
social media best practices

– Facebook is great for business?right? I mean just six years ago companies were lining up to join the next big thing. Free advertising, they said.

Well, they were wrong. Facebook is not about FREE advertising. It?s about PAID advertising and interacting with your followers. But for some reason, there are many company?s trying to push ?the sale? on Facebook.

To those people, I say join the ?advertising media? and get off of the ?social media.? You need to be smart, use ambient awareness, and stop cramming your product down everyone?s throat. So, for you lost souls, and those who need a guiding light, here are the 7 rules of being promotional, without being promotional.

  • Social Media Best Practices: You do not talk about your product ? Nothing is more annoying than a company that continually peddles its crap on Facebook. ?Look at this amazing piece, come-in today and check it out.? Wow?why don?t you just spam my inbox and send out a call blast while you?re at it. Seriously, you sound like a used car salesman?.save it for the sales floor.
  • Social Media Best Practices: You do NOT talk about your freaking product ? Did you not hear me the first time? Unless you have a ?special?, your product is not the hero. Talk about updates to the product, fun facts, content that indirectly showcases the features and benefits. For example, GoPro shares awesome pictures taken with the product, not jargon about cameras. Just so you know, if you think you?re selling, you are.
  • Social Media Best Practices: If you add a phone number to a post, your posting days are over ? If you feel the need to add a phone number, geographic indicator, or product number, you are doing it wrong. The only reason to add this information is go for the sale. Believe me, you?re not going to sell a product from a single post. There is much more that goes into it.
  • Social Media Best Practices: No point, no post ? You can probably point to some of your friends and see the madness in motion. Be concise and to the point in your posts. If you have additional details, make sure to utilize a link to communicate that information. It?s totally cool to say, ?More information here.?
  • Social Media Best Practices: One post at a time ? This is an extension of the last rule. If you are sharing something awesome, post it multiple times to the same social network with slightly different details. That way you are essentially A/B testing your message, while being concise.
  • Social Media Best Practices: Be consistent ? People get nervous in any situation, where they can?t predict your behavior. Well, the same goes for companies. Just think, you would be shocked if Apple ran a commercial like Hardee?s! So, be consistent with your promotional tone. And if you are going to make a change, be subtle. Don?t violate the trust you have built. When I introduce a new style of posting or type of content, the process is gradual.
  • Social Media Best Practices: Stealing makes you look stupid ? Sharing posts is great, but stealing?really? If you see a contest or promotion you love, don?t take it and present it as your own. I have had multiple clients try to steal a competitor?s content ? results are always terrible and you?re not fooling anyone.

Now do you feel more comfortable with your promotional tone on Facebook? Good! Because remember, contests, funny pictures and videos are all great with the right content. Your followers? responses, or lack thereof, will let you know the impact you are leaving.

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