Social Media ROI: Selling Social to the Old-School CEO

Say What? Social Media ROI?

– How can you get an old-school CEO to recognize the importance of their Company’s social media ROI? This question can be difficult to answer, but it is an issue that needs to be addressed since a business can see a lot of positive returns for a relatively low price.

Social Media ROI | CEOEvaluate the type of CEO you are dealing with

Some CEOs have the mindset that there is a set way to do business and that is the way they plan on pursuing. Social media is a fairly new concept, but it can be integrated into a business in such a way that it makes Inbound Marketing easier since Customer involvement with the business can happen in a much more convenient and casual atmosphere.

For CEOs who have been successful in the past without social media, it can be hard for them to see how customer interaction outside the store or office can help increase the bottom line.

If the CEO is hard headed and not very open to new ideas, you will have to take a different approach explaining social media ROI as opposed to a CEO who is constantly looking for new ways to make their Company better, and welcomes suggestions from anyone. The age of the CEO may also play a role in how well they take to the idea of increased social media ROI. Younger CEOs may have a more intimate knowledge about how social media works and can be quick to embrace it, while more established CEOs may not see things quite the same way.

Explain the benefits of social media ROI

Even a CEO who isn’t open to social media ROI concepts on the surface will definitely be open to easy ways of making the Company more money. It would help if you explained to them how social media can achieve a higher profit margin by mentioning benefits such as:

  • An increase in brand awareness
  • Increased customer interaction
  • Easy outlet for free marketing
  • Exposure to new Customers or clients

All of these things are going to be good for the Company’s bottom line, and can be done through an Inbound Marketing Agency for a reasonable price. Most CEOs will probably want to get a little more of an in-depth knowledge about what affects social media ROI, and how they can maximize it. Once they see the potential benefits, they may change their mind on whether or not to utilize social media to increase their Leads.

Give examples of how social media helped other Companies

Large Companies have utilized the internet very efficiently to show a social media ROI that is extremely high. Let your CEO take a look at the social media pages of national brands like Pepsi or Target, they will see millions of followers for something that might have taken an Agency just a couple of weeks to put together.

With this platform, these large Companies can easily get in touch with Customers on a personal level by both interacting with them, and marketing towards them. The social media ROI on brand awareness alone would be through the roof.

Talking a CEO into taking major steps towards increasing their social media ROI might be difficult at first, but with the right presentation, it can be done successfully, which should benefit everyone involved with the Company.

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