Software Reviews: Common Issues with CRM Data

CRM Software Reviews And Problems You Will Experience

CRM data is extremely useful in segmenting and targeting customers. Many CRM software reviews tout the power that this data represents. However, CRM systems are only as good as the people that manage them. Poor CRM data management can cause problems and even pose a liability to the company.

CRM Software Reviews IssuesBefore launching your next marketing campaign, you should become aware of the more common issues with CRM data management and how they could affect your results.

Critical pieces of information is missing. Information gathering on clients is often hit or miss. One customer may only give you the bare essentials while the next may be willing to give you an entire biography. These days, the more data you have, the more effectively you can reach your customers. To be effective, your CRM needs to have demographic data, purchase history, purchasing preferences, and web history, among many other fields.

Information in the database is out of date. People move. They change their cell phone numbers. They switch employers. They get married. All of this can lead to the information in your CRM being out of date. If the information in your CRM data does not remain current, you lose your ability to leverage the power so touted by CRM software reviews.

A large part of the CRM data is incorrect and unverified. A lot of consumers insert bogus information when filling out forms online. They do not want to disclose their information. If you have not verified the information in your CRM, you will be wasting a lot of money and effort in your marketing campaigns.

Data is just data. Data does not reach conclusions. It does not magically offer instant insights to customer thinking. It does provide a rich bounty of information marketers can use to derive their own insights. It gives you an idea of what message would be most effective with each segment, and when is the best time to deliver it.

The data you collect is on current customers, not potential leads. Many CRM systems only capture existing customer information. It does not bring in lead information. If your lead data is in a separate database from your CRM data, you are losing a lot of potential leverage.

The CRM data can cross privacy boundaries. People are becoming more privacy conscious. Many CRM systems do not take this into consideration when sending out marketing messages or campaign materials. You need an advanced CRM solution to help you message your customers as they desire.

If your CRM data is not helping you segment and target your ideal audience, you need to do something about it. Look at some CRM software reviews and see what other people are saying. Take a look at our CRM Review eBook to get more insights.

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