Software Reviews: Hacks to Smoothly Transition Your CRM

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No matter how bad your company’s CRM is, choosing and implementing a new one is often perceived as much worse.? It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, and it’s a lot of effort.? However, not moving to a new CRM can cause you to lose potential sales and earnings.?? The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so difficult.? Follow these five hacks to smooth the way to your new CRM.

  1. CRM Software ReviewsHire an excellent consultant. This should go without saying, but it’s worth highlighting.? Hire the best developer you can afford.? To get your money’s worth, look for one with expertise in technology as well as training.
  2. Scrub your data. This cannot be said enough.? Make sure your data is as clean and well-formatted as possible before uploading it to your new CRM.? The investment of time is well worth it.? You will save yourself the headache of correcting records later.
  3. Explain the benefits. Both staff and management must understand why you are moving to a new system and how it will help them.? This will help reduce resistance, skepticism and underutilization.
  4. Build a cross-functional implementation team. Sales and IT will be most affected by your CRM transition, but the impact of this change will be felt throughout your organization.? Your implementation team should include representatives from every department:? C-suite, marketing, finance, customer service, and administration.? You’ll get a better buy-in and learn a lot about the needs of both internal and external customers.
  5. Give it time. Develop a realistic timeline for your transition.? Make sure you budget sufficient time for planning, hiring a consultant, inevitable technology hiccups, testing, training, and staff adoption – then add a little more.? If you feel rushed, you’re going to end up resenting your decision.? Your staff are likely to pick up on your sentiments, and this may increase resistance to using the new system.

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