Software Reviews: When it’s Time to Cut Ties with Your CRM

Before Cutting Ties Read Our CRM Software Reviews

When you first heard about your current CRM platform, it seemed too good to be true: software to help you manage your relationships with your customers! The CRM software reviews said it was something no company should be without, so you rushed to buy it for your business as soon as you could.

But now it’s time for an intervention. Your CRM hasn’t given you the happy and helpful relationship it was supposed to. In fact, it’s become detrimental to your business. It’s time to cut ties and move on. Here are three signs that your current CRM needs to be given the boot.

  1. It doesn’t deliver on its promises.

CRM Software Reviews ProblemsYour CRM made a lot of promises in the beginning. The CRM software reviews said it would provide a customer database to keep all of your customer information organized. It would make it easily accessible. But most importantly, it would boost business for your company. Now, ask yourself: has it done that?

Particularly if you have an older CRM, look at what it actually does. Chances are, it’s little more than just a personal phone directory. You could handle the same tasks with your smartphone. Sure, it’s got some extra bells and whistles on top, but do they really contribute something useful to your customer relationships? Or do they just make things more complicated? Most importantly, have sales actually improved as a direct result of your CRM? If not, then it’s time to get out.

  1. Your employees don’t like it.

CRM software reviews are one thing, but the opinions that really matter are those of the people using the platform. What’s the attitude around the office towards your current CRM? Do employees complain about it? When someone brings up a problem they’re having, does everyone just nod their head in agreement? Do they use the system at all, or do some employees keep their own, personal database on the side, because going through the CRM does nothing but waste time?

The instinct for a lot of employers is to make the CRM mandatory and force employees to get rid of their other systems. But that’s the wrong attitude. Your CRM shouldn’t be something your employees HAVE to use. It should be something they GET to use, that makes their jobs easier and more productive. If it’s not, ask yourself why not, and what you should have instead. Or better yet, ask your employees.

  1. It costs more than it brings in.

You’re paying a lot of money for your CRM, but it’s just an investment, right? You have to spend money to make money! True, but are you making money, when you factor in all the costs? It doesn’t really work for lead nurturing or lead scoring, so you had to invest in additional software applications to handle those tasks. It doesn’t integrate with your enterprise resource planning or supply chain management platforms, so you had to buy an expensive patch to use them together, and even then, you still waste time importing data manually from one platform to the other.

You may think these extra expenses are par-for-the-course with CRM, but they’re not. A good CRM integrates easily with your other applications, providing an all-in-one solution without all those extra expenses.

So now you see why it’s time to cut ties with your current CRM. It’s not easy to hear, but don’t worry. You’re in a safe space, and we’re here to help. Download our CRM review eBook below to learn about what your CRM can and should be for your company. Because you deserve better.

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