The Biggest Issues No One Will Tell You about Eloqua

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Eloqua is a?current leader in marketing automation and revenue performance management.? However, having the most users doesn’t mean they’re the best product.? Marketing professionals need to know which marketing automation software delivers results – and which ones don’t.

The fact is that Eloqua doesn’t always deliver on their promises.? All you have to do is look at the inconsistency of customer experiences.? Some hate it, some love it.? Some have no problems with certain features, others have some.? It’s notable.? Some specific issues include:

Cost.? Eloqua is one of the most expensive marketing automation products.? They do offer a free trial, but watch out.? Many customers, and former customers, say that they were charged for a full year when their trial ended.? Do you need that headache?

hubspot demo request eloquaEase of use.? Many Eloqua users report that the UI is not easy to use nor intuitive.? Others can’t praise it highly enough.? Granted, this may be due to varying levels of user sophistication, but thorough training should mitigate the issue to a degree. Even if you love Eloqua, implementation can be difficult.? You’ll need commitment, dedication, and patience to implement and utilize Eloqua throughout your organization.

Poor Salesforce integration. ??The leading marketing automation product and the leading CRM can’t talk to each other?? Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t.? Some users say Eloqua and Saleforce sync perfectly and quickly.? Others report significant delays before Eloqua information appears in Salesforce.? In some cases, it doesn’t appear at all, forcing the user to manually enter data in Salesforce.? Think of what this duplication of effort would do to your ROI.

Reporting.? Eloqua’s standard reports just don’t cut it.? You will find them lacking in necessary details, insights, and analysis.? In the current release (Eloqua 10) you do have the ability to build custom reports.? However, they don’t make it easy.? Permissions are limited to a small number of users at your company (with the Standard package, that’s one person).? If you want to grant additional staff permissions, you’ll have to buy another reporting license.? The Basic package is even more limited; you’ll have to purchase custom report creation as an add-on.

Email-centric.? If email marketing campaigns comprise a large share of your marketing efforts, Eloqua could be for you.? Smart marketers will want to know a lot more about their prospects’ and customers’ online activity, like visits to your website or blog. Capturing that information is valuable.? With Eloqua, you may never see it.

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