The Biggest Issues No One Will Tell You About Pardot

Have You Taken A HubSpot Product Demo?

Pardot is an automated marketing software option that some big names in the marketing industry utilize, but there are major issues with Pardot that no one will tell you before you commit to using it. A HubSpot product demo will help you understand how HubSpot outshines Pardot.?Here are the reasons that you should stay away from Pardot when you are looking for a provider to manage your online marketing needs.

Pardot is weak when it comes to social media. Social media marketing is a major component of any modern online marketing campaign. Pardot lacks the features needed to keep companies at the forefront of their respective fields when it comes to social media. The software lacks the automation options for social media engagement that is necessary for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition.

Pardot limits participation in research and development efforts. A HubSpot product demo can show you that the marketing tools provided by the company have been developed through significant investments of time and money. Research and development efforts make these tools possible, and Pardot lacks in this department. The company limits the amount that it spends on research and development to keep costs down, but the expense is passed on to the customer through a limiting of features. The innovation that HubSpot is known for simply is not present when it comes to Pardot.

Event marketing options are severely limited with Pardot. Another problem that you will run into when using Pardot is a lack of events management and marketing options. Determining the return on investment associated with events is an important part of evaluating the success of the meeting or seminar. Integrated events management software that pairs with marketing software can even send out invitations, manage the guest list and provide facility management options that ensure that the people in charge of getting the venue ready are on the ball.

Marketing campaign management is limited with Pardot. Proper management of marketing campaigns is an important part of cutting down on marketing expenses while ensuring that efforts are effective. These tools make sure that leads are not duplicated and allow your company to analyze statistics related to conversion rates to ensure that you are making the most of your marketing budget. While Pardot does offer some analytics, the overall marketing campaign management of the software falls short of the mark. You will have to do a lot of the legwork on your own if you opt for Pardot as your marketing software solution, and isn’t?automated marketing software supposed to cut down on the work that your company does on its own?

Pardot starts at $1,000 per month. If your business is small or even mid-sized, your marketing budget is likely to be limited. Unfortunately, Pardot comes with a minimum price tag?of $1,000 per month. When you watch the HubSpot product demo, you will find out that HubSpot offers packages that start at just $200 per month. Companies that are operating with a tight budget have more options when they look to HubSpot for online marketing automation solutions. If you are ready to boost performance by enhancing your marketing efforts, let us show you a HubSpot product demo that highlights what we can do for you using HubSpot. Not only will we show you how HubSpot fills in the holes that Pardot leaves without requiring your company to stretch the budget too far, but we will also show you how the intuitive tools offered by HubSpot makes it possible for your business to boost performance and increase conversion rates.


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