The Business Benefits of Marketing Automation Software

Fundamentals of?Marketing Automation?Software?

– Marketing Automation Software helps businesses increase revenues and operational efficiency by streamlining and measuring marketing procedures through automated workflows. ?It can be applied to most contemporary marketing processes, such as:

  • Lead Generation/Nurturing/Scoring
  • Market Segmentation
  • Customer Retention
  • Relationship Marketing
  • ROI-measurement

As a process, Marketing Automation better targets Consumer Segments, improving communications with Customers through enhanced identification of who they are and their product needs. ?It supports both Campaign- and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) within the context of Demand Generation for improved Lead Nurturing?and Sales Conversion. ?It’s clear Lead Management processes and distinctive Content Marketing strategies position Marketing Automation Software as a priority for both Consumer (B2C) and B2B Sales Solutions.

Advantages of Marketing Automation Software

Statistical evidence supports the business benefits of Marketing Automation Software. ?Companies adopting Marketing Automation exhibit the following advantages in comparison to those that?do not:

  • 107% better lead conversion rate
  • 40% greater average deal size
  • 20% higher team attainment of quota
  • 17% better forecast accuracy (source)

Moreover, this is a growing market; 91% of those purchasing Marketing Automation Software are evaluating their product?options for the first time (source). As the marketplace proliferates with Marketing Automation Vendors, firms must?find software packages most applicable to their specific needs, pertaining to

  • tracking and monitoring marketing?campaign progress, while
  • displaying data statistically and graphically, and
  • analyzing the data, creating a Customer Database amenable to Real-Time business conditions.

These benefits of Marketing Automation can be customized according to a firm’s range of products, the various Campaigns organized for each, and their targeted Consumers. ?Choosing an appropriate Marketing Automation Vendor assures your software responds directly to your marketing prerogatives and priorities.

marketing automation softwareMarketing Automation Software?provides the?advantages noted above, while automating repetitive business tasks and generating online CRM. ?Properly implemented and maintained, Marketing Automation generates a record of the first time a Visitor views a product on your web-site, and then follows-up with further data when their interest is Converted into Purchase. ?This extensive and centralized Customer Database is supported by the software’s management of Marketing Budgets?and Schedules, alerting you if a campaign is in danger of running over cost, with features like Optimized Ad Spend,?or is running late, with automated Calendar Updates.

Other factors if importance encompassed by?Marketing?Automation?Software include Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Event Marketing, Loyalty Marketing, and Up-Sell and Cross-Sell processes. ?Another remarkable feature is Real-Time personalization of messages, stimulating communication across both online and offline channels, bringing you closer to your Customers and what they expect.

The automation process acquires and analyzes data regarding detailed Customer Behavior and Interactions, supporting more accurate Market Segmentation that drives better-directed Sales/Marketing Campaigns.

More than this, the emergence of Cloud Computing solutions, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has created an environment where even small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) can engage in automated marketing, without expensive investment. ?In fact, SMBs currently represent the largest business segment adopting?Marketing Automation Software, which has become a necessity to remain competitive.

Additional Marketing Automation Information ?

If you need to familiarize yourself with or install Marketing Automation Software, or want to upgrade what you already have, contact us for additional Inbound Marketing Solutions. ?We have the software and expertise you need.

Or download our free eBook, “A Guide to Choosing Marketing Automation Software,”?which describes in full detail?the benefits of Marketing Automation Software and our ability to provide it, to your customized requirements and expectations.

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