The Difference Between a Website Grader and an Inbound Marketing Assessment

When it?s Time to Use an
Inbound Marketing Assessment

The difference between a Website Grader and an Inbound Marketing Assessment is a bit like getting a written estimate on repairing the engine in your car (your website) compared to having a certified diagnosis done on your entire automobile (all of your Inbound Marketing).? The first will give you valuable and useful information about one part of your vehicle, but the second will tell you in depth information about every aspect of it? including the engine.

Inbound Marketing Assessment

An Assessment Is Like
a Diagnosis Done
on the Whole Vehicle

What is Inbound Marketing?

As a Certified Hubspot Partner providing Inbound Marketing Solutions to our clients, we’re often asked, ?What is Inbound Marketing??

Inbound Marketing can best be described as a Conversion Machine whose engine is your properly designed Inbound-purposed website. But it also includes all of your internet related activities such as blogging, social media and email marketing.

When all of these efforts are coordinated within a highly organized and integrated methodology, the result is referred to as your Inbound Marketing Strategic Plan.

We like to call it your Conversion Machine because it is all designed to convert Visitors to your website into Leads and eventually, Customers.

Consequently, you can think of the Website Grader as an engine performance report, whereas the Inbound Marketing Assessment looks at the engine AND transmission, chassis, tires, brakes? you get the idea. It’s a full-service diagnostic.

What?s a Website Grader Look Like?

  • Free diagnostic report of your website on a scale of 1 to 100.
  • You can submit up to 3 competitor?s websites, which will be compared to yours.
  • You receive a written report that covers strengths and weaknesses which we call Funnel Gaps:

Top-of-Funnel Gaps–where Consumers Research

Middle-of-Funnel Gaps–where Consumers Shop

Bottom-of-Funnel Gaps–where Consumers Buy

  • It includes a 30 minute review with a certified consultant.

The purpose of a Website Grader is to let you know how well your website is set up for Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing Assessment

?An Inbound Marketing Assessment is deeper than a website grader.

Inbound efforts are measured against Key Performance Indices (KPIs).? The?Inbound Marketing Assessment measures differences between Inbound Marketing Strategies and Conversion Metrics in greater depth. ?Overall an?Inbound Marketing Assessment?examines your website in more detail than a Website Grader.

Inbound Marketing Assessment

What Does An
Inbound Marketing Assessment Measure?

An Inbound Marketing Assessment Measures:

  • Online goals
  • Inbound efforts
  • ?Keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Re-marketing efforts
  • Online Marketing Gaps
  • Website Attraction Factor
  • Your Website vs. Competitors
  • Customer Conversion Ratios
  • Workflow Gaps
  • Content/CTAs with a “Feast & Famine” Report
  • ROI
  • Website User Experience Flow

Do I really need an?Inbound Marketing Assessment?

Ask Yourself:

  • Is my website built to attract?
  • Is it built to convert prospects to sales?
  • Are my interactive initiatives connected to my website?
  • Does my website encourage re-visits? Re-purchases?

However, if you are to the point where you ?Get It? and are serious about taking full advantage of what Inbound Marketing can offer, you will want to have the valuable information a full Inbound Marketing Assessment will give you.?Want to learn more about the Inbound Marketing Assessment? Click here.

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