The Most Important Objective of a Digital Marketing Strategy

In today?s business environment, online marketing is imperative. To achieve and sustain growth, you need to have a strong digital marketing strategy. Unfortunately, according to our?recent ?Digital Marketing Strategy Survey? conducted in partnership with?Ascend2, not having a defined and effective strategy is the greatest obstacle to success for 51% of B2B professionals.

Defining your objectives is the first step towards developing an effective strategy. Once you?ve set target goals, the focus shifts toward taking directed actions through relevant marketing channels.

The Number One Objective

For 58% of the marketers and business owners surveyed, the most important objective of a digital marketing strategy was to ?extend the impact of digital beyond marketing to increase leads for their sales team.? This can be accomplished by increasing engagement with your target market. Building engagement will increase brand awareness and guide prospects into your lead funnel. The key is to deliver targeted content, at the right time, through the right channels.

Building a digital marketing strategy focusing on engagement as a means to increase conversions and build sales leads should focus on delivering content to influence your prospects’ buying decisions.

Effective Content Development

Content DevelopmentTo drive traffic to your website, increase engagement, and generate?qualified leads, content should:

? Align with your target audience’s needs ? Provide information to aid the decision making process.

? Align with their online behaviors ? Deliver content via channels they use for research.

? Fit your target audience?s content consumption interests ? Do they read blogs, prefer informational materials like spec sheets, or watch video content?

? Support your company?s core competency

? Engage your audience either by storytelling or education

Your content needs to engage, educate, and?entertain your readers. Consistency of content delivery is also important. The best content will address your target audience?s specific informational needs, address pain points, and lead them through the conversion and qualification process.

Effective Content Delivery

Creating relevant content is one aspect of an effective digital marketing strategy. Next is the delivery of that content. If your objective is to increase qualified leads for your sales team, then you will need to incorporate consistent delivery through various channels into your overall strategy.

There are three approaches to incorporate into your digital plan that will work together to generate increased qualified sales leads and reader engagement.

Social Media

A few facts: Millions of potential customers visit their favorite social media sites daily. Facebook has over 1 billion daily users,?Instagram has surpassed the 200 million-user mark, and one in six Internet users engage with Pinterest. In today’s world, social media engagement seems to be integral to?Brand loyalty and trust. In fact, approximately 80% of consumers say they develop higher levels of trust with brands that have a strong social media presence.


Approximately 140 million people read blogs daily to gain information about products they are interested in purchasing. These readers are looking for informative content to help them make a more confident purchase.

Relevant Content Improves Your SEO Rank

Relevant content delivered consistently works to increase your SEO ranking. Increasing your ranking will make it easier to be ?found? online and getting found increases engagement, which will generate more qualified sales leads.

Directing your digital marketing strategy towards meeting your goal of increasing engagement and increasing qualified leads centers around content. Make sure your message is consistent across all channels while remaining?relevant and targeted toward your intended audience. Do this and you are well on your way to executing one of the most important components of a?digital marketing strategy.

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