The Outside of Inbound Marketing: Does Your Online Ad Agency Hate You? Find Out.

Does Your Online Ad Agency Hate You? Or Is That Knuckle Sandwich Meant For Someone Else?

-Your Online Ad Agency:

I know?reading body language, right? Before you call BS, think about it.

Next time you?re sitting across the table from your online ad agency, take a look at the vibes they?re dishing out. What you think is a happy meeting of the minds, might be Chinese Water Torture to them. (Now think of how that translates to the work.)

Take it or leave it, but here are tips from Marketing Matters Inbound to reading an online ad agency?s body language.

*Note: We are a creative agency?we took some liberties with a few of these.*

out the window

Physical Proximity

Good: Close To You ? Being in close proximity means they like you and have trust you. They want to interact with you on a personal level and are comfortable with your presence.

Bad: Jumping Out The Window ? Ok, that?s a stretch. But seriously, if there is a good amount of space between you and your Account Executive when sharing small talk?that is probably a personification of your relationship.



adding seat belts

Head Position

Good: Slightly Lowered Heads, Usually Up ? If your online ad agency is looking at you?you?re in the clear.

Bad: Cocked Heads or the Face Palm ? Cocked heads means they’re struggling to understand what you just said, or they are unsure about the validity of your idea. And a Face Palm?well?we?ll let you decode that one. Even if they?re exhibiting these behaviors for a moment in-front of you, they?re probably doing them more often behind your back.



kid listening


Good: Mirroring Your Positions ? Imitation is a form of flattery. If your Account Executive is somewhat mirroring your movements, they are fully engaged and trying interact with you on every level. When you sit back in your chair, they?ll probably do the same.

Bad: Nothing ? If they aren?t reacting to you physically?in a normal sense, weirdo?they aren’t trying to understand you and meet your different business problems.



eye contact

Eye Contact

Good: Frequent Eye Contact With Dilated Pupils ? Looking at you lets you know they are monitoring your emotions and are listening. For some, dilated pupils is thought be a sign someone is also interested. (Note: a bourbon and diet is also known to cause pupil dilation.)

Bad: Not Sure What?s On The Ceiling? ? If your Agency’s AE keeps looking at the invisible spot on the ceiling, it might be time to make him invisible also? They?re 1, crazy. Or 2, they have low confidence and don?t feel fully comfortable near you.



great meeting

Arm Position

Good: Loose, Possibly Touching Body ? If they?re loose, they?re comfortable. When your ad agency AE isn?t afraid to fire a new idea your way, you both win.

Bad: Clinched Fists ? Wow?are they going to punch you? I know marketing is a stressful job, but clinched fists are an obvious sign they are ready to blow. I guess this is a bad time to bring up a change in creative?isn?t it?




Feet Position

Good: Standing or Crossed at Ankles ? Once again, if they looked relaxed, they?re engaged. (Not sleeping of course.) A relaxed person crosses their legs at the ankles. If you say something and their foot position changes?you?ve rocked the boat.

Bad: Tapping Feet or Touching Yours ? If they start tapping their feet, they?re nervous, excited or scare. Not a good mindset to collaborate with a creative mind. And finally, if they?re rubbing/touching your leg?you might have a law suit on your hands.

Thanks for reading!

Our expert boy language advice was take from

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